Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sox Vs. Reds

4:29: 16-6 final. Three and a half hour game...

3:38: 14-3 us after 3. Joe just used the verb "Google."

2:43: Varitek adds a three-run dong, still in the fourth. Huge inning. We've batted around. 11-3. Eric Hinske has homered and thrown out A-Rod at the plate in the Yanks-Rays game today.

2:38: Youk doubles in two. 6-3 Red Sox in the fourth. And my man Joe Thurston and JD Drew add RBI singles. 8-3.

1:47: Moss with a mega-dong, which made Joe bring up a homer Bo Jackson hit off Oil Can at the old Baseball City. They said it went over the 71-foot high scoreboard and landed in a field where some cows were grazing, supposedly about 600 feet away. Lester in trouble now--two runs scored on separate plays while I was typing the Bo Jackson story. 3-2 Red Sox.

Good first inning for the Sox. 2-0 after 1. Wife-K gave birth to a baby boy, so Dice should be with the team in Japan.

Papelbon To Hank: FU, Dude

So Papelbon said that Stank Heinbrenner should stick to pencil-pushing, to which Stanky Diapermunch called Papelbon a "mouse." (The link is to the New York Post article, so it's a little messed up at the end, like they tried to rewrite the ending or something.)

Let's all remember one key quote from the article, where Big Bank Hank says he's talked about the (World Champion) Red Sox for the last time this year. More like this week, I'm sure.

And here's another Hank article. It really is as if the Yankees held a fan contest to see who gets to run the team.

We are in the utopia we always dreamed of. The Yankees are completely fixated on us. We are the winners and they are the losers, and it's killing them. I mean, what a world it is when the Yankees are desperately coming up with things to exonerate their own chokes against us. "Oh, look, it's snowing in Boston today while it's only cloudy in New York--looks like the curse is back!" They all are making fools of themselves. And the bonus is, it's going beyond the fans, straight to the owner of the team! Beautiful. (Hey, if they're looking for ways to be "redeemed," does that mean they're finally admitting that they've failed in the first place?)

Look at the Red Sox Nation comment. Okay, this term came about to describe all the Red Sox fans across the country. It wasn't unique anyway, as there already was "Tarheel Nation" and other "nations," just meaning the fandom stretches a long way. So the term came about, and the fans embraced it, to the point where the team itself marketed the idea. Fine. Was that ever a shot at the Yankees in any way? No. But what to the pathetic Yankees do? First they come up with a contrived version of the idea to market themselves, called Yankees Universe. Then the new Boss comes out and calls it horseshit. No, not the "team-invented name invented just to keep up" Yankees Universe, but the term that people actually use to describe the existence of Red Sox fans. A fanbase who doesn't have another team to fall back on when theirs isn't doing well, by the way.

Funny, I got a comment from a Yankee fan the other day, the first in months, as they've been forced to hibernate as usual this winter. (I think the last one I got was something about how, you know, the Red Sox would somehow finish the season poorly because lately the Red Sox have really shown they can't win while the Yanks consistently hoist banners--you know, perfectly sane stuff like that.) Anyway, this latest one claimed that me making fun of the Steinbrenners, in response to the fact that Hank is sinking to fan level and taking shots at my team left and right, constituted me avoiding "reality," which is that the Red Sox had a scout who got arrested for a lewd act.

How's this for reality? 26 championships, none of which anyone can remember.


Actually, I apologize, that's incorrect. I totally remember the steroid ones. (admitted by the team owner here)

Slowly Coming To His Senses

Remember a few days ago the person who tried to sell the Little League ball signed by five mildly famous Red Sox players for a cool five grand?

Shockingly, nobody bit. So now he's lopped off a few thousand bucks. The new "buy it now" price is 300 bucks. The starting bid is 99 cents, but the secret reserve price has not been met. Who knows, maybe this guy's a smart businessman, and some fool's gonna pay three hundred knowing nothing about the ball other than the fact that last week it was "worth" five thousand?

(Also, terrible job by the seller to not mention that Marty Barrett's signature is on there, considering he probably had the best career of the five guys who signed the ball.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ball Game Today

5:00: If anybody cares about the score, they never did resume play, so we won 7-4. In "Shelly Duvall/Sandy Duncan hybrid" news, Duncan was suspended three games, as was Melky. Gomes was suspended two. My favorite line from Duncan was when he said there were "no high spikes." What's with the denials? You don't hear Jonny Gomes saying, "I just ran in from the outfield and my body mysteriously launched toward another player. It's just how I play the game." He was getting the back of the innocent player the ghoul decided to spike and he admitted it. Not that hard. I just love how Girardi's stuck in the middle on this, "steaming" over an opposing player "playing hard" and then having his own player talking about how hard he always plays. I don't know if New Joe knows what he's in for with that mess of a team. Hey, does Jeter call him "Mr. Girardi"? And what happens when the Yankee players see their manager's kid rooting for David Ortiz in the stands this year?

4:17: Manny D is supposedly okay.

3:48: Raining in 7th. Delcarmen leaves game with injury. No details yet. "Gingerly" walked off field.

3:03: 7-3 us in the seventh. Manny and Drew with dongs. Dice: 2 ER in 4 IP.

O's at Sox today. Dice vs. Jon "Don't call me Lester or Leister" Leicester.

They Cawled

Thanks for listening, everybody. All two hours of last night's show are here.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


On air right now. Talkin' to Chan. Click here.


They Cawlin'!

Okay, no nominations were accepted and no votes were cast--I've named my call-in show "They Cawlin'."

The first episode will be tonight at 10:12 PM. Click here for my YouCastr page, then click on the episode name to listen. If you can't figure that out, try the direct live link.

If Chan agrees, he'll be my first guest for a few minutes, but after that, go ahead and call in live. Details on how to go about that are here. Remember the theme for tonight: Gimme your favorite baseball player ever and your favorite Seinfeld episode ever.

We did a test the other day, and taking Skype calls works, with only a minimum amount of feedback. So we should be good.

Okay, Kim and I are gonna go watch Clue now. I've never seen it. I remember when it came out, but just had no interest. Never played the game either. Saw it at everybody's house on the shelf, but, again, no interest.

Sox Tie, You Win!

So we tied it up three times--in the 7th, 9th, and 10th--before they called the game. Final: 3-3. Moss and Carter had a game-tying dong and double respectively.

Okay, tonight, at, hmmm...10-ish...join me live on YouCastr for the first episode of the as yet unnamed RSFPTFFWCR Call-in Show. Tonight's special guest may or may not be Chan. Oh, and tonight's theme is: Tell me your favorite baseball player of all time and your favorite Seinfeld episode of all time. I will add the links to this post later. In the meantime, get yourself a Skype account or AIM. When the show starts, Skype me at Gedman10, or AIM me at Two2067. Just use the audio, not the video.

Oh, and as expected, Billy Crystal struck out today. Terrible job all around, Billy.

Loss For Runs

Stretch time at Ft. Jacoby, 1-0 Rays. Colon started for us and gave up a run on a dong in two innings. Since then, the cast of LOST (Lopez, Okajima, Snyder, Tavarez) has held the Rays scoreless.

Garza and Mr. Howell have shut down our offense.

Wait, Lost, Mr. Howell...all five relievers are stranded on an island. (I've never seen Lost, but from what I can tell, people are stranded on an island. So, what's the deal, have the Globetrotters visited them yet?)

Mirabelli Released

Timmy's not gonna like this...

I thought Doug was gonna come back offensively this year. Like .265. Oh well.

Stuff People Say

Sometimes I just don't know what the hell people are talking about. Occasionally, little phrases get stuck into the collective conscious, and it's as if people repeat them without thinking about what they're actually saying. I've thought of a few lately:

1. The 2007 championship: "this one's for us." I heard Tom Werner say this on the night we won, and I thought, Oh no, I think I'm gonna be hearing this one a lot. Was the '04 championship not for us? And is the '07 one not allowed to be celebrated by our very old family members, whether they be in the ethereal plain or just an ethereal armchair? They're still Red Sox fans after the drought, and we younger folks were fans before it. I say both championships are for all of us. (And, yes, I know exactly what they mean when they say this, I just don't agree with it.)

2. "Now that the 'idiots' are gone, the Red Sox are more business-like." Absolutely wrong. Manny, Papi, Papelbon, the musical bullpen...we're still one of the most fun teams in baseball.

3. "The '07 Red Sox stayed away from the media after they won, unlike the '04 team." Wrong again. There were just as many talk show appearances, hospital visits, White House trips, rumors, and as much overall interest in the team this off-season as there was in the '04 off-season. I thought it was funny how the team supposedly decided to have the Rolling Rally right away "because they had a long season and just wanted to go home," as Remy and others surmised. Once I heard that, I kept track of what players did right after. They didn't go home. Here's an admittedly rudimentary list I kept over the few weeks following the parade (sorry, it was in reverse, or blog-style, order):

Cora: Celts game, Wednesday, 11/14
Youkilis: Public shaving (that's public, with an L), Monday, 11/12
Francona: Celts game, Friday, 11/9
Lugo: Thing in Cambridge for flood victims, Friday, 11/9
Snyder: Some event Cyn went to, Sunday, 11/4
Timlin: Yawkey Way Store, Saturday, 11/3
Ramirez: Tonight Show, Friday, 11/2
Ortiz: Late Night, Regis, Friday, 11/2
Papelbon: Late Show, QVC, Wed, 10/31
Varitek: Sitting at Boston-area home giving out candy, Wednesday, 10/31
Mirabelli: QVC, Wednesday, 10/31

I also had jotted down a quote I heard in November: "Okajima expects to return to Japan in the middle of this month." So that would've given him about three weeks in this country after the parade. And then you've got all the other appearances that I left out. Plus the DVD release which a few players and coaches went to. I'm not saying any of this is bad or anything, I'm just saying, this wasn't, "Let's get the parade over with quickly so we can all hibernate and not be heard from until March." At all.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gray Area?

Dumb headline for a little MLB piece on Manny.

So, now that I've seen the Duncan play, I'd like to say that I was wrong. Just kidding. I was totally right. He goes in with that foot so high, like he was doing tai chi or something, and is immediately ejected. But the kicker (heyyy) is that he immediately starts acting like everyone else is crazy, like A-Rod after the slap. Then he gets up in time to narrowly escape a blindsided tackle by Gomes. And everybody comes out of the dugouts, but no punches are thrown.

The Battle For Sean Casey's Athletic Supporter (Updating)

4:17: Sox win it, 12-7. From a Yankee reporter:

Iwamura: "Duncan himself knows it wasn’t a fair play."

Johnny Gomes: “It was premeditated on his part. … I know it’s not the Yankee way. You rarely see the Yankees do stuff like that.”

Duncan: “I just went hard into his glove. I was just going in hard. There was no malicious intent.”

4:10: After 8 we had 11 runs on 11 hits and 1 error. We ruined that, now it's 12/12/1 in the ninth as Van Every gets a dong. I'd say the cup is ours for '08. Thank you Red Sox. Thank you Twins.

3:40: BOTH METS AND RED SOX DENY COCO TRADE RUMOR. Stretch time: 11-5 Sox. Three innings from a cup! (Duncan dirty slide photo courtesy NY Newsday.)

3:29: Cash with a 3-run dong in the 7th. 9-5 us. Psycho ghoul Duncan still a crap on a stick. Yanks still chokers. Red Sox still World Champions. Again. America still laughing at brainless Yankee fans everywhere.

3:18: 6-5 Sox after 6. In the Mets game today, Angel Pagan, of Coco trade rumor fame, has homered.

3:01: 6-3 Red Sox after 5.

2:50: Sox pulling away. 6-2.

2:36: Here's an actual article about today's Yanks/Rays of Sunshine fight. I can't wait to see that highlight of Johnny Wad Gomes jumping on Shelley.

2:30: So, Ed Coleman (old Sox fan who has covered the Mets for years for FAN) says the Sox may trade Coco Crisp for Angel Pagan. I put on EEI, and in classic heads-up-their-asses style, they're talking about how Coco definitely won't be traded before the season starts. Then they go into Patriots linebackers talk. Now, the Coco deal might not get done of course, but it's just funny how they don't even know what's going on. 3-2 Sox after 4. Duncan still an ass.

2:25: Double-H finally gives up a run in the fourth after three awesome innings. Shelley "America runs on" Duncan is a prick. Coco may be traded to Mets. George is dead, call me back.

2:10: Just a quick update to remind everyone that Shelley Duncan is a piece of repeatin' shit. I love how he's the ghoulish face of the failures now. If you have to rally around that turd, you might as well kill yourself.

2:03: Yanks fight Rays. From a message board poster: Phillips for the Yankees hit's Longoria, get's ejected immediately. Next inning, Shelly (what kind of name is that anyway) Duncan spikes Iwamura trying to stretch a single into a double. Duncan gets ejected, and Gomes comes in from right field and tackles Duncan, benches empty.

Here's what Duncan said yesterday:

Shelley Duncan, who was told by Girardi earlier this spring not to run over catchers in exhibition games, has said that the incident has "opened the rule book" when it comes to the intensity of spring games against the Rays.

"Everything I said still holds true," Duncan said.

"I'm just hoping for a nice, good game. We'll see. Just play the game and play it hard."

1:56: Papi with an RBI double, 3-0, and Liriano is out of the game. Turns out Baldelli was just really tired. 3-0 after 2.5

1:42: Buchholz has given up nothing through 2, except for his own error on a bunt. 2-0 Sox after 2.

In the first, Manny doubles home Jacoby. In the second, Varitek hits a dong. 2-0 us. Winner of this game takes the Mayor's Cup.

More Of The Usual

Pettitte injured, but will make his next start. That's funny--he'll get right back into action--almost as if he were cheating by taking some sort of illegal growth hormone that makes one recover from injury faster. But he's such a stand-up, class act of a guy who never rocks the boat or is seen at nightclubs, he'd NEVER cheat.

I saw a big picture of Dice-K on the front page of I thought it would be a nice, long story about him. Turns out it was just a throw-away piece. Look at the opening paragraph:

Much went right for the 2007 Boston Red Sox. They avoided major injuries, received important contributions from rookies at second base (Dustin Pedroia) and center field (Jacoby Ellsbury), and watched their third baseman (Mike Lowell) put up a career year.

Doesn't that sound like we just had so much good fortune and that's the only reason we won? How do you leave out that our number five hitter slugged .420 or that our shortstop hit 30 points below his career average coming in? Let alone Manny hitting half as many dongs as usual and slugging 100 points lower than his career average. Five of our nine regular starters hit below their career average. And Schilling missed a good chunk of the season, and Tavarez had to start for us almost the whole year. All this while hearing everybody in the country claim we'd choke. (because of that curse that's so nice it sometimes lets us win the World Series!) Of course we had good things happen, but 2007 wasn't a walk on cake.

Vocal Eyes

So I got the brilliant idea that I'd let you all call in to the blog and talk to me live. When I do my little shows or game broadcasts on YouCastr, feel free to Skype me at "Gedman10." (person to person calls on Skype are free) Or use my aol name (Two2067) on AIM audio chat.

I'll let you know when I'm doing my next show. Maybe tonight. And of course I'll let you know when I'm going to do a game broadcast. In the meantime get a Skype account or AIM.

In the meantime, check out this post on Cardboard Gods to prep yourself for the Trupe and Castig call I did of the game in the post.

Listen to all my past shows here, and here's the direct live feed. (Click there whenever and you might hear me goofing around if you're lucky.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bean Billy

Billy Crystal will sign a one-day contract with the Yanks and play in their spring training game against the Pirates on March 13th:

The Yankees are excited to welcome the newest member of our team, known for his humor and wit as well as his undying love for the Yankees

That love is so undying that he's also worn both a Mets and a Red Sox cap!

And check out what Mike Greenwell's sayin' 'bout steroids.

Mets At Sox

[Update, 3:40 PM: Red Sox win, 4-3. Pap and MDC pitched well. And Lugo's back is more of a problem than originally thought. I hate how this Japan trip really takes away from time normally used to prepare for the season. No excuses, though--we knew going in the trip was happening. I still say we just send a bunch of lookalikes over there, see if they can't split with the A's...]

4-2 Sox in the third. Lowell has a dong and Casey has a two-run single. Manny an RBI single. Wake has given up a two-run triple for his two runs through three.

The Mets' 3-4 hitters are: Pagan/Church.

Their 6-7 hitters are Valentin/Casanova.

Cardboard And Board Card Games

The closer Cardboard Gods gets to being a daily check-in spot for me, the more you're going to read writing here that's inspired by it. Just a warning.... (If you grew up collecting baseball cards in any era, please check out the site.)

But much like how I'm inspired to write about the most random things just from watching the same Red Sox game everybody else did, the mere sight of a baseball card is likely to spin me off in a completely different direction than that of the post it appeared in.

So, inspired by this post, I'd like to mention two things:

1. I remember on the back of Topps' cards, there would always be a little asterisk preceded by a letter of the alphabet, near the copyright date. "A" through "F", maybe. It seemed to be a random thing. But, of course, every, say, Britt Burns card of a certain year would have the same letter. So each guy would have his own meaningless letter every year. Was it truly random, or did it have to do with the team, or the number of the card in the set? Were the manufacturers secretly "grading" the players? "Wayne Tolleson--F!" Was each guy assigned a letter his rookie year and kept it throughout his career? If they come up with a way to make people immortal (how about it, science?), I'm definitely spending a year figuring this out, if not just compiling huge lists of each player's letter for each year. I just checked a few cards from my Gedman collection (if you're new, I've been collecting every Gedman card ever made--I think I'm close to triple-digits--and someday I'm gonna showcase the whole thing, watch for that with b. breath), and his '82 was an E, as was his '86. Then he went to an F in '87, but was back up (down?) to a C in '89. The "same letter every year for each guy" theory has been shot to hell.

Another interesting thing a lot of people probably never realized about the Topps sets was how they'd give the "round numbers" to the stars. The rounder the number, the bigger the star. 100, 200, etc., these were reserved for superstars. 50, 150, 250, etc., were for the next rung down, and so on and so forth. If you were card number 473, you could just about call it a career.

2. Everyone always (not really) talks about Strat-o-Matic Baseball. There's even some website replaying a season using it now. (There was something about it I wasn't into--like, it wasn't truly using the old game itself, and contestants didn't have to actually do anything, they just have a team and let someone else do the work. Something like that.) Anyway, I liked and played S-o-M, but how come nobody talks about Statis Pro? (As I type that for the first time as an adult, the pun finally hits me.) SP was made by Sports Illustrated, and was more complicated than Strat-o-Matic. I remember the key to the game was the FAC (fast action card). And that's about all I remember. Except for the fact that the cover of the box had a Yankee pitcher facing away from the camera, and I put a hole in the cardboard and then would shove a pencil in there so it looked like the guy was taking a massive dump right through his uniform pants.

Oh wait, I do remember something else. There were weird and wacky plays that came up rarely. You'd read from a separate chart to find out what happened. In one, a player says to the umpire, "not me, blind one," and is ejected from the game.

Then later you had Pursue the Pennant, with its flashy stadiums and colorful ten-sided die. Then the internet arrived, then the school shootings, the anorexia, the Macarena, 9/11, and on to today. And that's what happened.

2008 MLB Slogans

As of March 11th, here is what teams are putting in the top banner and/or background of their websites to mark the '08 season. Gotta give the Mariners the award for most unconventional slogan.

Angels: no slogan, just the AL West Champs logo [Update, 5/28: "What A Game!" (The "A" is the logo.)]
Astros: no slogan (good, last year it was some crap about "good guys")
A's: just the 40th anniversary of moving to Oakland logo [Update, 5/28: "100% Baseball"]
Blue Jays: "It's Always Game Time"
Braves: "Welcome to the Bigs."
Brewers: no slogan
Cardinals: no slogan (but they've got an "official" Cardinals Nation now)
Cubs: just the NL Central Champs logo
D'backs: just the 10 year anniversary logo
Dodgers: just the 50th anniversary of moving to LA logo
Giants: "Your SF Giants" and the 50th anniversary of moving to SF logo [Update, 5/28: Slogan changed to "All Out All Season"]
Indians: "Indians '08" logo with AL Central Division Champs notation [Update, 5/28: "Are You IN The Tribe?" replaces everything else.]
Mariners: "Mojo Risin'"
Marlins: "You Gotta Be Here!"
Mets: Final Season at Shea Stadium logo [Update, 5/28: "Final Season! At Shea Stadium"]
Nationals: "Welcome Home!" (The W is the logo)
Orioles: "This is Birdland."
Padres: no slogan
Phillies: just the NL East Division Champs logo
Pirates: "Let's Go Bucs"
Rangers: "You could use some baseball."
Rays: no slogan, but I just noticed they've added little sun rays to their team logos. I knew they were getting rid of the word "Devil," but I didn't know they were dropping the seas-creature altogether! So now they're rays as in sunshine. How quaint. Bring back the Devil!
Red Sox: just the World Champions logo
Reds: "C you there!" (the C is their regular logo)
Rockies: just the NL Champs logo (no stupid Gen-R slogan like last year)
Royals: "New. Blue. Tradition." (The Royals are revamping their stadium, including putting in the biggest scoreboard in the Western Hemisphere or something. Between that and paying people to come up with Nuprin-esque slogans, the Royals are spending a lot of money...on everything but players.
Tigers: "Who's Your Tiger?" (Wasn't that last from last year?)
Twins: "This is your state. This is your team. This (takes deep breath, gets soda from kitchen, comes back) is Twins Territory"
White Sox: no slogan. In fact, just a washed-out aerial view of home plate, so it almost looks like a blank white space. Not nearly as cool as their old slogan "Win or die trying." [Update, 5/28: "Share the passion. Show the swagger"]
Yankees: "Looking to make it two wild cards in a row!" Okay, not really. Just the All Star game logo and "All*Star Summer 2008 New York City"

[Update, 5/28: It should be noted that just about every slogan is in all capital letters. I guess they all got the same test marketing results.]

Monday, March 10, 2008

"And Rick Miller To Boot??"

Gedman. Stanley. Ojeda. Miller. All four, together at last. These impossible-to-get signatures have been amazingly collected on the same ball. A Little League ball at that. How much would you pay? One million dollars? Two million? Would you go so far as to commit a triple-homicide to get this sphere? Most would. Maybe you're not a true fan. But today, for this one and only time, I'm being generous enough to offer up this holy grail for the mere starting bid of two thousand dollars. You can also "buy it now" for just five thousand. (Recommended, as I doubt this ball will last an hour at this ridiculously low price.)

(Yes, those are the real prices. Check it out here. Tell me this is a joke.)

There are still plenty of dates to choose from in the Manny's 500th dong contest. Get yours now.

Lester Matching Santana (Game Over--Neither Team Wins)

4:04: It goes one more inning. No runs. But the multi-faceted Joe Thurston makes a great play at second base. 1-1, final.

3:54: Connecticut Breslow gets the Mets out in the bottom of the ninth. Tie. You know, unless they wanna play extras.

3:40: Kottaras doubles, Youk moves him over, and Moss hits a sac fly, and we tie it in the ninth, 1-1.

3:30: Hansen gives up a leadoff double and the guy eventually scores. 1-0 Mets after 8.

3:26. 0-0 after 7 1/2. Lopez with another scoreless inning for us.

3:00: Two scoreless innings for Okajima. 0-0 after 6. Jacoby is 5 for his last 8 over his last two games. Bartolo Colon will pitch against the Rays on Thursday. And Eliot Spitzer's in trou-bllle.

2:35: Wow, four masterful (in the boxscore at least) innings for Lester. Both he and Santana threw four shutout innings today. Wise in for the Mets, Okajima in for us. 0-0 through 4 1/2.

Both pitchers so far today: 3 IP, 0 ER, 4 K. Lester's allowed a hit and a walk, while Johan's allowed two hits. 0-0 after three. (Note: Santana is facing a lineup with Papi, Manny, Lowell, or Drew. (Coco and Lugo are both also out with minor injuries.))

Waldman Celebrates As Beckett Gets Worse

Beckett says he feels worse today than yesterday. His pitching in Japan doesn't look good, as of today. I'm fine with that. Skip the trip, man. Get ready for April 1st.

No Subject

Random weekend host on some radio station I'm probably supposed to be banning today:

"I can't get excited for baseball yet. Only five of the sixteen AL teams have a chance."

Well, he's right about one thing. No, wait, no things.

Red Sox against the Mets today at 1:10 on Lester vs. Johan Santana.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dodging Victories

I hope any of you that were tuning into the game on radio today didn't get turned off by Joe's stand-in sidekick, the man they call "Meter." Don't worry, he's just a fill-in! How Castig put up with his "shouting" method of announcing for the whole game, I don't know.

Dice only gave up three hits, and none of our other four pitchers gave up any (though Hansack did give up a run). Unfortunately, one of Dice's hits was a three-run dong. 4-0 Trolley Dodgers, final. The game will be shown on tape delay tonight, so if you're looking for something to put you to sleep...

Beckett Un-Grocked?

Sox vs. Dodgers at 1:15, but TV-wise, it won't be on until 8 PM. If you're the type of person who only thinks of baseball in TV terms, here's you chance to give radio a try. Baseball on the radio is the way it was meant to be. Tune in to WRKO today. Look, if you miss something, if you get flustered, if you start looking around the room to try to see the action--don't worry, you can watch on tape delay tonight on NESN.

Tito says Josh looks way better than they expected!

Maybe every time Josh gets a tiny boo-boo, a Yankee player will get a big one, thanks to the Waldman anti-karma. It happened this time, as their catching prospect gets bowled over, fractures his wrist, and then Mr. Hanrdnosed Baseball, Joe Girardi, whines about it. Add the Rays to the Yanks' enemies list for '08.

Did you hear about the Weiner's take on the Rocket? Now Lupica is all over him for it. Why would a New York politician think defending Roger would get him votes? I mean, we were talking about Clemens being "a man without a country" ever since he went to the Astros. After all this stuff lately, is there anybody left defending him?

Don't forget to have turned your clocks back last night! What did you not do with your erased hour? I was gonna clean the bathroom during that hour. Damn!

[edit: I got the part about an erased hour right, but I wrote "back" instead of forward, killing the joke. Terrible job, me.]

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