Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sox Tie, You Win!

So we tied it up three times--in the 7th, 9th, and 10th--before they called the game. Final: 3-3. Moss and Carter had a game-tying dong and double respectively.

Okay, tonight, at, hmmm...10-ish...join me live on YouCastr for the first episode of the as yet unnamed RSFPTFFWCR Call-in Show. Tonight's special guest may or may not be Chan. Oh, and tonight's theme is: Tell me your favorite baseball player of all time and your favorite Seinfeld episode of all time. I will add the links to this post later. In the meantime, get yourself a Skype account or AIM. When the show starts, Skype me at Gedman10, or AIM me at Two2067. Just use the audio, not the video.

Oh, and as expected, Billy Crystal struck out today. Terrible job all around, Billy.

Hey Jere, looking forward to checking out your call in show. Nice integration of technology

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