Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2008 MLB Slogans

As of March 11th, here is what teams are putting in the top banner and/or background of their websites to mark the '08 season. Gotta give the Mariners the award for most unconventional slogan.

Angels: no slogan, just the AL West Champs logo [Update, 5/28: "What A Game!" (The "A" is the logo.)]
Astros: no slogan (good, last year it was some crap about "good guys")
A's: just the 40th anniversary of moving to Oakland logo [Update, 5/28: "100% Baseball"]
Blue Jays: "It's Always Game Time"
Braves: "Welcome to the Bigs."
Brewers: no slogan
Cardinals: no slogan (but they've got an "official" Cardinals Nation now)
Cubs: just the NL Central Champs logo
D'backs: just the 10 year anniversary logo
Dodgers: just the 50th anniversary of moving to LA logo
Giants: "Your SF Giants" and the 50th anniversary of moving to SF logo [Update, 5/28: Slogan changed to "All Out All Season"]
Indians: "Indians '08" logo with AL Central Division Champs notation [Update, 5/28: "Are You IN The Tribe?" replaces everything else.]
Mariners: "Mojo Risin'"
Marlins: "You Gotta Be Here!"
Mets: Final Season at Shea Stadium logo [Update, 5/28: "Final Season! At Shea Stadium"]
Nationals: "Welcome Home!" (The W is the logo)
Orioles: "This is Birdland."
Padres: no slogan
Phillies: just the NL East Division Champs logo
Pirates: "Let's Go Bucs"
Rangers: "You could use some baseball."
Rays: no slogan, but I just noticed they've added little sun rays to their team logos. I knew they were getting rid of the word "Devil," but I didn't know they were dropping the seas-creature altogether! So now they're rays as in sunshine. How quaint. Bring back the Devil!
Red Sox: just the World Champions logo
Reds: "C you there!" (the C is their regular logo)
Rockies: just the NL Champs logo (no stupid Gen-R slogan like last year)
Royals: "New. Blue. Tradition." (The Royals are revamping their stadium, including putting in the biggest scoreboard in the Western Hemisphere or something. Between that and paying people to come up with Nuprin-esque slogans, the Royals are spending a lot of money...on everything but players.
Tigers: "Who's Your Tiger?" (Wasn't that last from last year?)
Twins: "This is your state. This is your team. This (takes deep breath, gets soda from kitchen, comes back) is Twins Territory"
White Sox: no slogan. In fact, just a washed-out aerial view of home plate, so it almost looks like a blank white space. Not nearly as cool as their old slogan "Win or die trying." [Update, 5/28: "Share the passion. Show the swagger"]
Yankees: "Looking to make it two wild cards in a row!" Okay, not really. Just the All Star game logo and "All*Star Summer 2008 New York City"

[Update, 5/28: It should be noted that just about every slogan is in all capital letters. I guess they all got the same test marketing results.]

The 2008 Phillies slogan seems to be "Go! Go! Go!" At least that's how all of their commercials end.
(Much better than the "Goosebumps" slogan of 2007.)
Thanks. I don't remember "goosebumps"--but one year recently it was "Red Means Go." They like the letters G-O.

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