Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dodging Victories

I hope any of you that were tuning into the game on radio today didn't get turned off by Joe's stand-in sidekick, the man they call "Meter." Don't worry, he's just a fill-in! How Castig put up with his "shouting" method of announcing for the whole game, I don't know.

Dice only gave up three hits, and none of our other four pitchers gave up any (though Hansack did give up a run). Unfortunately, one of Dice's hits was a three-run dong. 4-0 Trolley Dodgers, final. The game will be shown on tape delay tonight, so if you're looking for something to put you to sleep...

That man's voice... "DEEEEP TO RIGHT FIELD..." [insert excited squeal here] "...NO, NEVER MIND, THE WIND PUSHED IT SHALLOW AND FOUL." Was it just me, or did Castiglione seem a little terse whenever he'd add in a stat or a tidbit about a player?
Castig was probably deaf from all the SHOUTING anyway, heh heh.

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