Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mets At Sox

[Update, 3:40 PM: Red Sox win, 4-3. Pap and MDC pitched well. And Lugo's back is more of a problem than originally thought. I hate how this Japan trip really takes away from time normally used to prepare for the season. No excuses, though--we knew going in the trip was happening. I still say we just send a bunch of lookalikes over there, see if they can't split with the A's...]

4-2 Sox in the third. Lowell has a dong and Casey has a two-run single. Manny an RBI single. Wake has given up a two-run triple for his two runs through three.

The Mets' 3-4 hitters are: Pagan/Church.

Their 6-7 hitters are Valentin/Casanova.


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