Monday, March 10, 2008

"And Rick Miller To Boot??"

Gedman. Stanley. Ojeda. Miller. All four, together at last. These impossible-to-get signatures have been amazingly collected on the same ball. A Little League ball at that. How much would you pay? One million dollars? Two million? Would you go so far as to commit a triple-homicide to get this sphere? Most would. Maybe you're not a true fan. But today, for this one and only time, I'm being generous enough to offer up this holy grail for the mere starting bid of two thousand dollars. You can also "buy it now" for just five thousand. (Recommended, as I doubt this ball will last an hour at this ridiculously low price.)

(Yes, those are the real prices. Check it out here. Tell me this is a joke.)

There are still plenty of dates to choose from in the Manny's 500th dong contest. Get yours now.

Those prices will buy a lot of cudd...

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