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MR's Dth HR Contest

[Contest is closed, no more entries please. Scroll down for everyone's predicted date.]
Manny Ramirez is sittin' on 490 dongs. Barring injury or a sudden loss of power, he'll hit his 500th home run in 2008. Predict the date it will happen on. Put your date in the comments of this post, but please pick a date that hasn't been picked yet. One guess per person. Here's the Red Sox schedule--make sure you pick a date in which the Sox are playing. (Although a gutsy move would be to pick an off-day and hope there's a rainout and he hits it during the make-up game.)

The person who picks the exact date get a signed copy of my book when it comes out this summer AND some soap or bath-related products from my girlfriend's soap company, Stella Marie. Deadline to get your vote in: Monday, March 24th. At 5:00 PM.

And click here for the Red Sox '08 win-loss contest at Joy of Sox...prizes will be awarded there, too....

Here's the scoreboard :

4/11: Tex
4/20: Michael Leggett
4/26: Dori
5/3: doublenicks
5/5: vineyard_vacationer
5/6: Mike
5/7: Bosox Fan in Wichita
5/9: I'm a Sox Girl
5/10: Novy
5/11: Nick
5/12: truth
5/13: tim
5/14: sosock
5/16: pweezil
5/17: Jack
5/18: Mighty Quinn
5/19: DPS
5/20: Amy
5/21: Karin
5/22: redsock
5/23: skoronskianj
5/24: Redsauce
5/25: Fenway West
5/26: Jay
5/27: Dan Lowe
5/30: Drew
5/31: alclem
6/1: Kim
6/2: MattySox
6/3: HorshamScouse
6/4: 9casey
6/5: AJM
6/7: savethejellyfish
6/10 San Fran Red Sox Fan
6/11: (Ryan)
6/12: cho4sox
6/13: L-girl
6/17: Kara
7/8: Rob

Jere's guess that he hopes doesn't come true: 5/4.

May 6th, in Detroit. 1st inning. On a 3-1 fastball from Dontrelle.
Left-center field, third row, puts Sox up 3-0.
May 25 against Oakland...I already have tickets to the game so he better do it then!
I didn't ask for details, but I was hoping I'd get some! Sweet.....
May 30th -- Manny's birthday ... and mine, too!
June 17th
May 16th.
If I counted right, Manny hit his 10th dong last year on June 17 -- the same day Kara picked for this year. Interesting.

I was curious on what day Manny hit his 10th HR in recent years:

2007: June 17
2006: May 24
2005: May 15
2004: May 21
2003: June 5
2002: July 11 (out May 12-June 24)

I say: May 22, afternoon game against KC.
May 3rd - a Saturday home game against Tampa. He's going to come out on fire this year.
June 1 against the O's...
I'm going to go with June 1 against the Orioles in Baltimore. I will be there to witness it!
Gimmie May 17th, on national TV
Wow, Matty and Kim, four minutes apart, pick the same date. I guess you'll just both win the prize if that date hits. Unless one of you wants to change.....
May 13th in Baltimore.
June 7
Oh man, same date June 1. I have to stay with that date. No worries about the prize. I have a good feeling about Manny doing it that day.

May 21
On May 7th in Detroit, Manny goes yard on a Nate Robertson hanging curve.
May 17th, the 3:55PM ET Game:

Perhaps off Eric Gag-me
Dori, I'll be thrilled if Manny gets it in April. I'll be more thrilled if he hits it in Detroit on May 5-6-7 -- because I'll be there. That still seems too early, though.
Leggett--May 17th already chosen. Choose again....
04/20, as Texas has no pitching:

Like 05/17, I'll be there on 04/20 @ Fenway
May 10th ... In Minnesota ... I'll be there!

Heck I would take May 9 - 12 cause I'll be at all 4 games!!! I prefer the 10th cause I will be 4 rows behind Manny that day!
May 24th against Oakland.
I think I'll go with June 11th.
June 13, my birthday, at Cincinnati.
Manny goes deep for 500
Andrew Skoronski
Jere, I will take 6/4 if it is still available.Thanks
Hi Jere,

I'll take 6/10 if it's still available.

June 3rd at Fenway against the Rays, which I will see live if Ticketmaster ever find my ticket.

I once won a Barry Bonds bobblehead doll in KNBR's 600th HR prediction contest. You have been warned...
My ticket arrived (by email) about 10 minutes after I posted that!
Scousefest 2008 is on.
I'll try 5/31 @ Baltimore
I'll take 5/12 with Kevin Millar in the house to give Manny some love.
5/14 - @ Baltimore
I started to go with my birthday, but I think April is a little too optimistic, even tho it's late Apr.
I'm not sharing the damn book with Kim...
I've since turned off moderation so that won't happen again. You'll both get the book if your date wins. Which Kim is that, anyway?
Manny makes history on May 18.
He'll do get 500 on 5/5! Maybe I should play 5-5-5 on that day as well!
I assumed that Kim was 02145 Kim, and not my friend Kim who posts on my blog as "mattystextbuddy"...either way, I don't share well with others...Although, if she throws in some soap for the wife, and you Hancock the book, I might be inclined to change dates...I'll probably be at that Balty game, too, btw...
The Kim you're sharing with is from Virginia, so I assumed that was someone associated with you. Okay, the soap will be part of the deal, great idea. So now you have to pick a new date.
So - I was reading the list looking for my date ... and realized I didn't pop up as Novy!!! Will you change 5/10/08 from A*a*n*a to Novy???

June 12th: 6/12/08
Manny hits number 500
Raychel Russell
I'll take 5/20 if it is available.
i pick 4/11
Friday, 5/9. Game's at Minnesota. It'll be off Liriano, who'll be having a huge season. Sox will lose the game but in the series.

Hooray for hunches!
Ok, change me to June 2...
I'll take June 5th vs Tampa Bay

What's with the return of Word Verification?
Took off comment moderation to avoid people picking the same date. So I figured while that's turned off, I better just add a little extra step so psychos might me that much more apt to just say Screw it. As soon as that some prick realizes this, moderation will go back on, but word verification will go away, too.
I'll take 5/19
I'll take 5/26, please.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I'd love to take one of the earlier games in May, hoping he starts hot for once rather than continues to regress. But alas...
july 8th
5/11, sez I.

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