Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sox Vs. Reds

4:29: 16-6 final. Three and a half hour game...

3:38: 14-3 us after 3. Joe just used the verb "Google."

2:43: Varitek adds a three-run dong, still in the fourth. Huge inning. We've batted around. 11-3. Eric Hinske has homered and thrown out A-Rod at the plate in the Yanks-Rays game today.

2:38: Youk doubles in two. 6-3 Red Sox in the fourth. And my man Joe Thurston and JD Drew add RBI singles. 8-3.

1:47: Moss with a mega-dong, which made Joe bring up a homer Bo Jackson hit off Oil Can at the old Baseball City. They said it went over the 71-foot high scoreboard and landed in a field where some cows were grazing, supposedly about 600 feet away. Lester in trouble now--two runs scored on separate plays while I was typing the Bo Jackson story. 3-2 Red Sox.

Good first inning for the Sox. 2-0 after 1. Wife-K gave birth to a baby boy, so Dice should be with the team in Japan.

I really feel bad for Brandon Moss. He worked his ass off in Pawtucket. And for what?

They tried to work him out at first base and then acquired Sean Casey.

Poor kid.
He worked his ass off this spring, too.

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