Friday, March 14, 2008

Ball Game Today

5:00: If anybody cares about the score, they never did resume play, so we won 7-4. In "Shelly Duvall/Sandy Duncan hybrid" news, Duncan was suspended three games, as was Melky. Gomes was suspended two. My favorite line from Duncan was when he said there were "no high spikes." What's with the denials? You don't hear Jonny Gomes saying, "I just ran in from the outfield and my body mysteriously launched toward another player. It's just how I play the game." He was getting the back of the innocent player the ghoul decided to spike and he admitted it. Not that hard. I just love how Girardi's stuck in the middle on this, "steaming" over an opposing player "playing hard" and then having his own player talking about how hard he always plays. I don't know if New Joe knows what he's in for with that mess of a team. Hey, does Jeter call him "Mr. Girardi"? And what happens when the Yankee players see their manager's kid rooting for David Ortiz in the stands this year?

4:17: Manny D is supposedly okay.

3:48: Raining in 7th. Delcarmen leaves game with injury. No details yet. "Gingerly" walked off field.

3:03: 7-3 us in the seventh. Manny and Drew with dongs. Dice: 2 ER in 4 IP.

O's at Sox today. Dice vs. Jon "Don't call me Lester or Leister" Leicester.

Nice to see other Sox fans on here. I just wrote a post entitled Red Sox Nation vs. Hank Steinbrenner. Check it out. Go Sox!
MDC slipped on the wet field, when making a play on defense. Not good.

The Yankees released Crystal today. Might be a decent Sox pickup for AAA depth/protection in case of an Ortiz injury.
Ha, nice call.

MDC okay now, they say. Whew.
Glad to hear MDC's OK since they let Hand-on-sack go.
Speaking of that, did you know the courts in Italy have declared it illegal to grab your crotch in public. No wonder we never see any Italians, well other than those who have been "americanized", in MLB. Everyone knows you have to grab your crotch to be a ballplayer.
Interesting. Just to clarify, though, as far as I know, we've still got Hansack, he's just gonna be starting this year with the PawSox.

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