Monday, March 10, 2008

Lester Matching Santana (Game Over--Neither Team Wins)

4:04: It goes one more inning. No runs. But the multi-faceted Joe Thurston makes a great play at second base. 1-1, final.

3:54: Connecticut Breslow gets the Mets out in the bottom of the ninth. Tie. You know, unless they wanna play extras.

3:40: Kottaras doubles, Youk moves him over, and Moss hits a sac fly, and we tie it in the ninth, 1-1.

3:30: Hansen gives up a leadoff double and the guy eventually scores. 1-0 Mets after 8.

3:26. 0-0 after 7 1/2. Lopez with another scoreless inning for us.

3:00: Two scoreless innings for Okajima. 0-0 after 6. Jacoby is 5 for his last 8 over his last two games. Bartolo Colon will pitch against the Rays on Thursday. And Eliot Spitzer's in trou-bllle.

2:35: Wow, four masterful (in the boxscore at least) innings for Lester. Both he and Santana threw four shutout innings today. Wise in for the Mets, Okajima in for us. 0-0 through 4 1/2.

Both pitchers so far today: 3 IP, 0 ER, 4 K. Lester's allowed a hit and a walk, while Johan's allowed two hits. 0-0 after three. (Note: Santana is facing a lineup with Papi, Manny, Lowell, or Drew. (Coco and Lugo are both also out with minor injuries.))

With Gary Cohen, Ron Darling & Cocaine Is Yummy Hernandez:

@ least it wasn't Backwards Kay & Leiter reading from Cue Cards

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