Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Battle For Sean Casey's Athletic Supporter (Updating)

4:17: Sox win it, 12-7. From a Yankee reporter:

Iwamura: "Duncan himself knows it wasn’t a fair play."

Johnny Gomes: “It was premeditated on his part. … I know it’s not the Yankee way. You rarely see the Yankees do stuff like that.”

Duncan: “I just went hard into his glove. I was just going in hard. There was no malicious intent.”

4:10: After 8 we had 11 runs on 11 hits and 1 error. We ruined that, now it's 12/12/1 in the ninth as Van Every gets a dong. I'd say the cup is ours for '08. Thank you Red Sox. Thank you Twins.

3:40: BOTH METS AND RED SOX DENY COCO TRADE RUMOR. Stretch time: 11-5 Sox. Three innings from a cup! (Duncan dirty slide photo courtesy NY Newsday.)

3:29: Cash with a 3-run dong in the 7th. 9-5 us. Psycho ghoul Duncan still a crap on a stick. Yanks still chokers. Red Sox still World Champions. Again. America still laughing at brainless Yankee fans everywhere.

3:18: 6-5 Sox after 6. In the Mets game today, Angel Pagan, of Coco trade rumor fame, has homered.

3:01: 6-3 Red Sox after 5.

2:50: Sox pulling away. 6-2.

2:36: Here's an actual article about today's Yanks/Rays of Sunshine fight. I can't wait to see that highlight of Johnny Wad Gomes jumping on Shelley.

2:30: So, Ed Coleman (old Sox fan who has covered the Mets for years for FAN) says the Sox may trade Coco Crisp for Angel Pagan. I put on EEI, and in classic heads-up-their-asses style, they're talking about how Coco definitely won't be traded before the season starts. Then they go into Patriots linebackers talk. Now, the Coco deal might not get done of course, but it's just funny how they don't even know what's going on. 3-2 Sox after 4. Duncan still an ass.

2:25: Double-H finally gives up a run in the fourth after three awesome innings. Shelley "America runs on" Duncan is a prick. Coco may be traded to Mets. George is dead, call me back.

2:10: Just a quick update to remind everyone that Shelley Duncan is a piece of repeatin' shit. I love how he's the ghoulish face of the failures now. If you have to rally around that turd, you might as well kill yourself.

2:03: Yanks fight Rays. From a message board poster: Phillips for the Yankees hit's Longoria, get's ejected immediately. Next inning, Shelly (what kind of name is that anyway) Duncan spikes Iwamura trying to stretch a single into a double. Duncan gets ejected, and Gomes comes in from right field and tackles Duncan, benches empty.

Here's what Duncan said yesterday:

Shelley Duncan, who was told by Girardi earlier this spring not to run over catchers in exhibition games, has said that the incident has "opened the rule book" when it comes to the intensity of spring games against the Rays.

"Everything I said still holds true," Duncan said.

"I'm just hoping for a nice, good game. We'll see. Just play the game and play it hard."

1:56: Papi with an RBI double, 3-0, and Liriano is out of the game. Turns out Baldelli was just really tired. 3-0 after 2.5

1:42: Buchholz has given up nothing through 2, except for his own error on a bunt. 2-0 Sox after 2.

In the first, Manny doubles home Jacoby. In the second, Varitek hits a dong. 2-0 us. Winner of this game takes the Mayor's Cup.

Yeah, Duncan should have been classier and pulled a Tavarez.
Just because "spring training" and "Devil Rays" are involved, doesn't make the two situations identical.
Your right Jere. A pitcher sucker punching a defenseless player (who was down on the ground) is MUCH MUCH worse.

Took a look at the photos right here.

And a recap of the story here.
Thanks for the update, since I totally wasn't blogging daily about the Red Sox or following them at all at the time...

And for the last time, the word "you're" is ... oh forget it!!!
Ken is out and out wrong. What Tavarez did wasn't right by any means. But the chances of injury that would've resulted in either difficulty having children (check the photo, that spike is pretty f'n high) or some kind of leg injury preventing Iwamura from playing for a little while are much higher in the Shelly Duncan situation, which in my opinion makes it the less desirable of two undesirables.
Duncan's thing is also pre-meditated, with Yankee fan fools thinking somehow he's uniting the team and all that crap and acting as if the Yanks were messed with and showed 'em who's boss.

Whereas we were like, Jesus, Tavarez, what the hell? And, again, it was a completely different situation. Two players fighting is different than a clearly dirty baseball play done intentionally.

And finally, does this guy seriously want to get into the "who's classier" debate? (And does he even realize that only his team has the nerve to continually talk about class while almost consistently doing UN-classy things.)
As a Yankee fan, I can honestly say that I disapprove of Shelley's actions. There is a right and wrong way to do things, and that was certainly wrong.

Allen: I agree with the fact that Shelley's slide was wrong and potential dangerous. However, a closed fist punch to the face can be pretty damaging if hit right. If you want to play the "you can seriously injury someone with a spike" debate. One can easily say that a defenseless closed fist to the face has been known to knock people unconscious, left in comas, or hit in the right spot, fatal.

Classy debate?

Funny, I don't remember you mentioning last week about the Red Sox scout arrested for masturbating on the balcony of his hotel while watching two girls swim. Nor do I recall you mentioning the fact that Red Sox fans attacked a Yankee fan in Cambridge.

But hey, why talk about that when you can post pictures of Hank and George Steinbrenner and make constipation jokes. Much better to deal with than reality.

Now, as much fun as this has been, I have to decide where I wanna take my father for pizza. Delizia, La Mia, OC Patsy, or B&T Supreme.

Mahalo gentlemen.
A Yankee fan telling someone else to live in reality, ha!

First of all, I didn't hear about this beating up incident and I doubt--now that I read it--that it was a case of "hey, you've got a Yankee hat, we're gonna beat you up." We'll see what comes out of that story. (Do you think Red Sox fans haven't been beat up by Yankee fans? You want me to link THOSE articles?)

Anyway, stuff like that has nothing to do with the teams, which is what we're talking about here.

As for the "lewd and lascivious" scout: No, I didn't mention it. You think it's some sort of conspiracy? Did I successfully "keep this story away" from all the Red Sox fans who surely get their news from me and me only? You think I give a crap about scouts? Do I mention every Red Sox story? I didn't mention it the day we got Bartolo Colon? Was I trying to hide that one?

If you go to La Mia tell the guy with the glass eye that the Red Sox hat guy says hello.
Forgive me Ken. You're right. Your comparison is not a stretch at all.

I'm sorry. You're either trying to make some ludicrous defense whereby what Duncan did is okay because Tavarez did something almost as bad, or I really have no idea what you're doing. It's a separate incident. If you're not trying to defend Duncan, than what are you doing? Jere, IIRC, never defended Tavarez, so it's not like you're throwing something at him where he's got some kind of double-standard.

Closed fist to the face does not equal metal spike to the knee/thigh/groin. I'm not sure why that concept is difficult.

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