Saturday, March 15, 2008

Papelbon To Hank: FU, Dude

So Papelbon said that Stank Heinbrenner should stick to pencil-pushing, to which Stanky Diapermunch called Papelbon a "mouse." (The link is to the New York Post article, so it's a little messed up at the end, like they tried to rewrite the ending or something.)

Let's all remember one key quote from the article, where Big Bank Hank says he's talked about the (World Champion) Red Sox for the last time this year. More like this week, I'm sure.

And here's another Hank article. It really is as if the Yankees held a fan contest to see who gets to run the team.

We are in the utopia we always dreamed of. The Yankees are completely fixated on us. We are the winners and they are the losers, and it's killing them. I mean, what a world it is when the Yankees are desperately coming up with things to exonerate their own chokes against us. "Oh, look, it's snowing in Boston today while it's only cloudy in New York--looks like the curse is back!" They all are making fools of themselves. And the bonus is, it's going beyond the fans, straight to the owner of the team! Beautiful. (Hey, if they're looking for ways to be "redeemed," does that mean they're finally admitting that they've failed in the first place?)

Look at the Red Sox Nation comment. Okay, this term came about to describe all the Red Sox fans across the country. It wasn't unique anyway, as there already was "Tarheel Nation" and other "nations," just meaning the fandom stretches a long way. So the term came about, and the fans embraced it, to the point where the team itself marketed the idea. Fine. Was that ever a shot at the Yankees in any way? No. But what to the pathetic Yankees do? First they come up with a contrived version of the idea to market themselves, called Yankees Universe. Then the new Boss comes out and calls it horseshit. No, not the "team-invented name invented just to keep up" Yankees Universe, but the term that people actually use to describe the existence of Red Sox fans. A fanbase who doesn't have another team to fall back on when theirs isn't doing well, by the way.

Funny, I got a comment from a Yankee fan the other day, the first in months, as they've been forced to hibernate as usual this winter. (I think the last one I got was something about how, you know, the Red Sox would somehow finish the season poorly because lately the Red Sox have really shown they can't win while the Yanks consistently hoist banners--you know, perfectly sane stuff like that.) Anyway, this latest one claimed that me making fun of the Steinbrenners, in response to the fact that Hank is sinking to fan level and taking shots at my team left and right, constituted me avoiding "reality," which is that the Red Sox had a scout who got arrested for a lewd act.

How's this for reality? 26 championships, none of which anyone can remember.


Actually, I apologize, that's incorrect. I totally remember the steroid ones. (admitted by the team owner here)


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