Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Of The Usual

Pettitte injured, but will make his next start. That's funny--he'll get right back into action--almost as if he were cheating by taking some sort of illegal growth hormone that makes one recover from injury faster. But he's such a stand-up, class act of a guy who never rocks the boat or is seen at nightclubs, he'd NEVER cheat.

I saw a big picture of Dice-K on the front page of I thought it would be a nice, long story about him. Turns out it was just a throw-away piece. Look at the opening paragraph:

Much went right for the 2007 Boston Red Sox. They avoided major injuries, received important contributions from rookies at second base (Dustin Pedroia) and center field (Jacoby Ellsbury), and watched their third baseman (Mike Lowell) put up a career year.

Doesn't that sound like we just had so much good fortune and that's the only reason we won? How do you leave out that our number five hitter slugged .420 or that our shortstop hit 30 points below his career average coming in? Let alone Manny hitting half as many dongs as usual and slugging 100 points lower than his career average. Five of our nine regular starters hit below their career average. And Schilling missed a good chunk of the season, and Tavarez had to start for us almost the whole year. All this while hearing everybody in the country claim we'd choke. (because of that curse that's so nice it sometimes lets us win the World Series!) Of course we had good things happen, but 2007 wasn't a walk on cake.


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