Saturday, September 05, 2009

You Ka Be Wrong, And You Are

Sox and Sox on Fox, now. Wake is, again, back.

Once again, a national host (that Fox guy) is under the assumption that we Red Sox fans refer to Kevin Youkilis as "Youker." And once again the guy did it in the Boston accent, as if it's something he's constantly hearing, when in reality, no one has ever said it.

I thought I'd mentioned this on my blog before, when I heard an ESPN anchor do the exact same thing, but it turns out I only said it in the comments of this Joy of Sox post, in August of 2008. Search Youkah to find my comment.

Terrible Job By Len Giles

Len Giles, the sponsor of Rollie Fingers' BR page, has used his little area there to claim that Rollie "defined closer back in the day." Why is that a bad call? Because nobody said "closer" back then! Come on, Len, you seem like you're at least as old as I am--don't you remember when we all used to say "fireman"? "Closer" didn't come about until the late 80s. The sponsorship expires in a few days, somebody should snatch it up and call Rollie a fireman!

I saw some of the '74 World Series today, and Vin Scully kept calling him "Roland" Fingers. I'd never heard to him referred to as anything but Rollie, so I did a news search, and while he was sometimes called Roland in the early days, the Rollie nickname can be traced to his prep school days. I saw him mentioned as early as March 1963. (Note to other nerdy researchers: on the Google News search, watch out for articles from the 80s labeled as ones from the 60s, due to 6 kind of looking like 8 in old newspapers.)

Stat Of The Second

Amount of money Yankees have spent on player salaries since 2001: $1.578 billion.

Championships in that time: 0.

Adam & Erin, What Did I Do?

I was getting all this Japanese spam in my comments, so I went to my Statcounter to see if I could figure out where it was coming from. I noticed that the person who went to the post the spam was on came from another blog which had me in their links section. I waited until the next spam came, and sure enough, they came from that same blog again. My next step was to ask the writer of that other blog if they were getting Japan-spam, too. If they were, that would completely confirm that the person coming from their blog to my posts with the spam was this person (or robot), going from blog to blog and leaving their shitty fake comments.

So I went there, and found out it was a personal blog written by a couple, who happened to be Sox fans, and had a few Sox blogs in their links section, including this one. They had no e-mail address listed, so I very politely asked them in the comments section of their to post if they were getting the spam, too. I even explained that they could go ahead and delete my comment so it wouldn't clutter up their space--the point was to just contact them.

While I waited for their answer, I checked my Statcounter again and saw that who I thought was the spammer was located in central Mass. And this other blog's writers were also from there. So I got nervous, thinking, Okay, maybe the person coming to my blog was just one of the innocent writers of that blog. (Even though that would be quite a coincidence, considering a spam comment appeared right when they came to my blog, to a specific post that no one else came to anywhere near that time. Twice.)

So I went right back to their blog and said to just forget it, maybe I'm wrong, and then I deleted both my comments from there.

That was a few days ago. I never had a good feeling about this since they didn't respond in any way. I worried that they saw my comment, took it as an accusation (even though I made it clear I was not accusing them), and said Screw this guy. Well, I went back to their blog today, and I was off their blogroll!

So, to the writers of Adam and Erin Morris' Adventures in Life, what's the deal? When I saw I was linked at your place, I was psyched, because you seemed cool and I was glad to be one of the few Sox blogs you linked. I was just asking you a question, but you didn't respond, and now I'm off your list! I don't feel like I did anything wrong here. You have the right to not link to my blog, I'm just why "asking a question" is grounds for dismissal.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Sox Lose, Sox Win

Even after tonight's shit-fit in shytown, we're still within a couple games of the first-place teams in all the other divisions. I'm just sayin', that's how good our record is.

Halladay one-hit the Yanks tonight. I love it when Joba looks like this! Which is all the time! That ERA is gradually climbing.... I've been feeling all year like it's lower than his performances have suggested. But I bet the WHIP is really high. I'm checkin' the WHIP. Hold on...

Oh, yeah. We're talkin' 1.53. For a comparison, think of how shitty John Smoltz has pitched this season. His WHIP is 1.44.

Everybody's hailing the Yanks as automatic champs (I've heard that before...). They just better hope CC doesn't bomb in game one. Because after him (he's not that great in October anyway), you've got Grandpa, and then AJ, who's having trouble lately AND has never pitched a playoff game. And then Joba I guess. Their pitching isn't looking World Series-ish to me, and that's the key to winning in Octo-month.

Baseball's What I Wanna Do

Red Sox at White Sox, tonight. Paul Byrd for us, and for them...I don't know, The Baseball Kid?


Am I the only one on the side of the guy who punched the other guy last night? I'm not saying I would've punched the other guy in that situation, but hey, if you go up to somebody unprovoked and not only razz him, but actually purposely make contact with him, don't look for too much sympathy when you get your pompous ass clocked. People are calling it a cheap shot and a sucker punch! What the hell? That white boy was doing the classic "walk away with a smirk on your face because you just showed your jock pals how cool you are." And the other other guy pulled a McFly and actually nailed the unsuspecting bully. I was under the impression that that's when everyone claps....

Now maybe there's more of a back story to this that I don't know about. But all people are coming up with is that the puncher has been in trouble before...for not meeting team obligations. He's a wild man! From what I can tell, the only thing this guy was guilty of was not getting any yards in the game, and then having somebody on the other team try to rub it in his face and not expect any consequences.

And no, I have no allegiances here. If I had to, I'd choose Boise State over Oregon, since I'm still happy Boise St. beat Oklahoma that time, and Oregon has their own show on the Yankees' network, or at least they did a few years ago. But I am on the side of the Oregon guy here.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ronnie James D.O.

"If you believe in 'tie goes to the runner'...," said Don Orsillo. Is the rule book really something you can choose to believe or not believe in? Well, I guess it is when it comes to the strike zone and the phantom tag. Is there a band called Phantom Tag? How about Spikes High and the Phantom Tags? Where was I? Oh, right--"believe" it or not, a tie only sometimes goes to the runner. It's complicated. Check the rule book.

HH looked like crap in the first. But he looked like the opposite of crap (and I don't mean pee) the rest of the way, and we got a nice W, and won a series in Tampa for a change. Youk continues his great (and expected) offensive season.

We're rollin' toward Oct.

Answer to the "holy diver" joke from a few days ago: Jacoby made the diving catch on Burrell, whose at bat music is Dio's "Holy Diver." Nothing cracks me up more than Dio songs. Kim actually got Holy Diver as her ringtone, so when the Sox play in Tampa, it plays often in our house. Tonight, when Burrell was up, we cranked the TV volume. The song just goes on and on! The dude's practically swinging at the first pitch when they finally fade it out. Sometimes the lyrics start! We were joking about the person in charge fading it out, and then when the pitcher's about to wind up, cranking it real quick on that "jump! jump!" line. Ah, that Dio....endless entertainment. Did you know if you turn the Dio logo upside down it spells Devil? Yes!

Doesn't It Feel Like The Future?

In the bathroom at work: Hands under faucet, water runs. Hand under soap thing, soap comes out. Hand under paper towel thing, towel comes out OR hand under heater, heat comes out.

So this is the future. How does it feel?

A little lazy.

Red Sox at another team, 7 o'something.


Hi. Kim's latest soap smells incredible. Peach freakin' cobbler! And I'm not just mentioning this because I came up with the title--Hot Fuzz.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

All That Work...

In the eighth, after the Beelzebub Raymonds handed us the tying run on a bronze dish, we had second and third, one out. And not only did Gonzalez and Ellsbury strike out, but they didn't try to run to first when the catcher dropped the ball. I think Alex was about to, when he got tagged out, but it seems like Jacoby could have started to run. The go-ahead run's on third! Make the catcher make a throw!

Two batters into the next inning, they had the lead again. Then, while I was getting garbage together (including from my Spider-Man can I got in the 70s, still with Bradlees tag) to bring outside, the Rays quickly added two more. And that was it. I was hoping to just not find out how that happened, but TC told me it was Fay-Rod with a dong. That asshole was show-ponying just like A-Rod does, on an earlier foul pop that he couldn't get to. You know what I mean? The high-stepping trot that says, "I know you know I know you're watching me but the more I pretend I don't know, the more you can tell I do know."

Too bad Beckett came right out with the goph. balls tonight. He did settle down--hopefully that's a sign of non-homerific things to come for his opponents.

Seems like every time I check, our record is exactly what it was after the same number of games last season. And here were are again, 77-55.

NESN outdid themselves on the "film the ball only" routine tonight. They did it on a ball that almost landed on the infield.

Yanks played the Orioles again, so you know what happened there. We're 7.5 out with 30-ish to play. If the playoffs started today, I'd write my congressperson.


Red Sox vs. Tamp., soon PM.

I don't know if it's Verizon or NESN, but on Red Sox games, the sound on the commercials is all effed up--sounds like everyone who talks is a snorting pig. It was kinda fun at first, but now we have to mute the ads. Which we probably should be doing anyway. Instead we're constantly singing "why ku may why ku may why, why ku may why ku may why, oh ah seh was sa uh schwee-uhhh." You know, the backyard hotdog ads....

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The World Existed. And Derek Jeter Clapped On The Side.

8 (almost 9!) to 4 win in the anti-awesome dome, as Pap gets a two-inning save. Bob Stanley used to do that in his sleep!

You know what I wanna see? A Lester vs. Joba match-up in the ALCS (if the Yanks get that far), so everyone gets to see Lester shutting guys down and then walking off the mound stone-faced, juxtaposed with Joba going his usual four innings, walking five, but still acting like every inning is the last one ever played and that by merely ending it, he has saved the world.

And Yankee fans might say, You've got Papelbon and he bla bla bla bla classiness 26 bla. Papelbon ends the fucking game, not the fourth. And his excitement is directly proportional to how awesome he did, as opposed to just going to the excitement template every single time. If you've ever seen K-Rod, you realize how little celebrating Pap's doing after the final out. (And by the way, when I make fun of Joba's short stints, I'm not talking about the pre-determined ones, I'm talking about how he just doesn't last that long in his starts in general.)

Ellsbury robbed Burrell with a holy-diver catch. I'm guessing 2 to 5 percent of you get that joke. Prove me wrong, children, prove me wrong....

Anyway, he also had another key diving catch in the eighth. Loaded, none out, two in, tying run on, and we get out of it with no further damage. Very key. Why Burrell didn't just tag and go, I don't know. As Rice just said on the post, "you don't need a coach for that." And good job by Wagner tonight--he's got Billy Joe Robidoux's number, too.

We're still honored citizens of Dong City, with several tonight, after a 50-homer August. Unfortch, the Yanks also hit lots of dongs in their win over the hapless O-Birds, who are, like, 30 games out. The good news is that A.J. gave up 6 earned on 11 hits in 5.1 innings.

That Evan Longoria just keeps pissing me off with his little A-Rod routine. Like I've said before, the only thing worse than A-Rod is someone who wants to be A-Rod.* That play when he dropped the ball to try to turn two--he was so embarrassed and A-Roddy, making a weird face to cover up what he did. It's funny when someone who's obviously guilty** tries to come up with a "casual" face--it just makes it worse. I can see someone imitating the stance, the swing, wearing the same number, but the stupid goddamn mannerisms and obvious self-esteem issues? Maybe he was just born with those and figured he might as well study A-Rod's game to round out the image.

Janet Marie Smith is leaving! Nooooo! I hope she knows that the people who knew Fenway before she came, and have watched it become what it is now, appreciate her efforts. I guess she finished the major stuff and now she's ready to move on....good luck to her.

Good stuff coming up:

New Michael Moore film (Capitalism: A Love Story) in October.

New Mike Judge movie (Extract) this Friday.

New Curb episodes September 20th on HBO--the Seinfeld cast will be hangin' around this season.

*Except for a Yankee fan cousin of mine who apparently was obsessed with A-Rod from a young age--when A-Rod wasn't even on the Yanks yet. He's a good kid. He just makes odd decisions sometimes, I guess.

**not to say that the play was cheating--it's just that he tried to do a deceptive play and then fake like it was an accident

Oh! Just as I was about to publish this post, it happened! You're not gonna believe this, but on NESN's post-game, they showed a Posada home run, using, what else, the YES feed, and guess who they showed in the dugout?! Clue: He had absolutely NOTHING to do with the play! Yes, it was Derek Jeter. Once again, dear NESN: It's bad enough we have to see this from YES and the national networks, but can I please watch the Red Sox channel without having to see a Derek Jeter DUGOUT REACTION to something he didn't contribute to???? Thanks, assholes! I'll come up with yet another analogy....hmmmm... I don't need to know what Tony Danza's mother's Christmas village display's paper boy is doing every time Ace Frehley takes a big fat dump in his dogsitter's outhouse, and I don't need to know what Derek Jeter is doing in the dugout EVER.

Monday, August 31, 2009

0-13 Update Through End Of August

For some reason, I've kept updating the board. It's gone this far, I might as well finish out the season.

Eleven teams have hit every number from 0 to 13. Five finished the checklist in August, including the Padres, who were way behind, missing all the double-digit numbers fairly recently.

Fifteen more teams are one score away, and for 13 of them, that total is 13 runs. The Red Sox just need a 9 and the Giants just need a 12.

The Reds, Mets, and Mariners all are two totals away.

And in dead last, it's the Athletics, who still haven't scored 10, 11, or 13 runs in a game yet. Interestingly, this was AJM's pick--maybe the random-type contest gods are trying to get back at him since he's always so good in the skill-type contests.

With a month left, it seems a lock that some teams won't complete the checklist. But we'll see. Whether "we" will care is another story.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Canadian Broome

Byrd! Always loved the guy...

Great job by our O, runnin' the picket fence on 'em for four innings. I haven't feared Halladay in quite some time. Great 7-0 win today. 10 of 13! Now we go to Tampa and Chicago. Yanks go to Baltimore and Toronto.

Ellsbury: What a great bunt he had today. However, he does get doubled up sometimes, and he does get thrown out by a step a lot. Someone mentioned that after his swing, he's leaning way back, making his jump toward first a little slow. This guy should be beating out more ground balls, and never get doubled up. If swung a little more like Ichiro, body moving toward first, he'd beat out a lot more balls. Somebody tell him.

I feel like Vik-E Mart almost leaves the bag too early on plays at first. He should really make sure he's on that bag, especially in October.

Here's another thing that bothers me. I'm afraid Pedroia's gonna get hurt. On 3-0 pitches, he just stands there. I don't mean he doesn't swing--that's almost always the case. I mean he just stands there at complete ease, so if the pitcher uncorks one toward his head accidentally, he might not be able to react in time. Always be ready, even if you know you're not swinging. (It could also make the pitcher hate you--this happened a few weeks ago, may have been Penny on the mound, and the guy did the statue-stand on a 3-0, and the pitcher got pissed at the guy.)

Yet another comment on the three-year old post about Drinkwater. This time it's someone shooting down the previous comment. And I also found the old anti-Mrs. Drinkwater comment (which its author deleted) using the Wayback Machine and re-posted it there. I love old posts that never die....

New magnet: Tito now and Tito then.

Very preliminary 2010 schedule news, if you missed it. I forgot to mention (or even think of it at the time) that I've now seen every major league team! With the Marlins game in June, and then the game I saw in Washington a week later, I officially got #29 and #30. I also saw the Expos, so my life's total stands, and will stand for a while, at 31, as long as you consider them a different "team" from the Nats.

You know who Billy Wagner reminds me of? Remember that Beavis & Butt-head episode when they called the phone sex number? And they showed the operator and it was a giant woman in a trailer? And they show her two sons, who are just standing there like Pedroia on a 3-0 pitch, and one goes, "Hey mah-mmy, it's your phone sex ad"? Yeah, that kid. Or the brother. One of those two. If anyone has the DVDs, check that episode. My memory could be way off here.

Funny moment after the final out today: NESN cuts to shot of boy in crowd who they surely had the camera trained on so they could show us his wild, boyish excitement. And the kid just stands there like Pedroia on a...

A similar thing happened last night, when they showed us Buchholz' reaction to the last out. Just kinda stood there, not even a fist-pump. Oh, and earlier in that game, they cut to the bullpen robot cam showing the front row of the bleachers, and the woman front and center under an umbrella gives it a nice...long...yawn. These are the dangers of filming, instead of the game, artsy crowd shots. These networks care more about the Emmy than about the fans who are tuning in to see a baseball game. I say film all that stuff if you want, but save it mainly for replays.

I Wish This Wasn't Byrdland

We thought we'd seen the last of Paul Byrd. But here we are a year later, and he's back. I just don't enjoy looking at him or talking about him. Just my opinion. So, whatever you can do, Paul, just help us out and then make your face leave my mind.

TC pissing me off again on the pre-game, saying, "just a week ago, the Red Sox lost two of three to the Yanks and it was gloom and doom all across Red Sox Nation, but now..."

Tom! Why do we keep having to go over this? The only people thinking the season's over after every series loss in a SIX MONTH season are the media! Sure, it looks bad when the Globe puts out a survey that says: "Are you A. panicked, B. extra-panicked or C. SUPAH-panicked, ha ha ha."

I'm not saying I went in to work after the Yankee series and everyone was smiling and enjoying flavored coffees and saying I Heart the Red Sox so much, we all hate to lose, but I'm pretty sure most people who have followed a baseball team before know that if your team has the exact same record as they did the year before when they went to game 7 of the ALCS, the last thing they're thinking is that "the season's over." Only the media could take a 9-3 stretch and imply their was "gloom and doom" in the middle of it.

This is the whole reason I started a blog. Okay, one of, like, a hundred reasons. But I just hate the way the media perpetuates stereotypes. Seriously, the Red Sox swept a series, lost a game to the Yanks, won a game against the Yanks, lost another against the Yanks, then won three in a row...there wasn't even TIME for gloom/doom, goddamit!

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