Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The World Existed. And Derek Jeter Clapped On The Side.

8 (almost 9!) to 4 win in the anti-awesome dome, as Pap gets a two-inning save. Bob Stanley used to do that in his sleep!

You know what I wanna see? A Lester vs. Joba match-up in the ALCS (if the Yanks get that far), so everyone gets to see Lester shutting guys down and then walking off the mound stone-faced, juxtaposed with Joba going his usual four innings, walking five, but still acting like every inning is the last one ever played and that by merely ending it, he has saved the world.

And Yankee fans might say, You've got Papelbon and he bla bla bla bla classiness 26 bla. Papelbon ends the fucking game, not the fourth. And his excitement is directly proportional to how awesome he did, as opposed to just going to the excitement template every single time. If you've ever seen K-Rod, you realize how little celebrating Pap's doing after the final out. (And by the way, when I make fun of Joba's short stints, I'm not talking about the pre-determined ones, I'm talking about how he just doesn't last that long in his starts in general.)

Ellsbury robbed Burrell with a holy-diver catch. I'm guessing 2 to 5 percent of you get that joke. Prove me wrong, children, prove me wrong....

Anyway, he also had another key diving catch in the eighth. Loaded, none out, two in, tying run on, and we get out of it with no further damage. Very key. Why Burrell didn't just tag and go, I don't know. As Rice just said on the post, "you don't need a coach for that." And good job by Wagner tonight--he's got Billy Joe Robidoux's number, too.

We're still honored citizens of Dong City, with several tonight, after a 50-homer August. Unfortch, the Yanks also hit lots of dongs in their win over the hapless O-Birds, who are, like, 30 games out. The good news is that A.J. gave up 6 earned on 11 hits in 5.1 innings.

That Evan Longoria just keeps pissing me off with his little A-Rod routine. Like I've said before, the only thing worse than A-Rod is someone who wants to be A-Rod.* That play when he dropped the ball to try to turn two--he was so embarrassed and A-Roddy, making a weird face to cover up what he did. It's funny when someone who's obviously guilty** tries to come up with a "casual" face--it just makes it worse. I can see someone imitating the stance, the swing, wearing the same number, but the stupid goddamn mannerisms and obvious self-esteem issues? Maybe he was just born with those and figured he might as well study A-Rod's game to round out the image.

Janet Marie Smith is leaving! Nooooo! I hope she knows that the people who knew Fenway before she came, and have watched it become what it is now, appreciate her efforts. I guess she finished the major stuff and now she's ready to move on....good luck to her.

Good stuff coming up:

New Michael Moore film (Capitalism: A Love Story) in October.

New Mike Judge movie (Extract) this Friday.

New Curb episodes September 20th on HBO--the Seinfeld cast will be hangin' around this season.

*Except for a Yankee fan cousin of mine who apparently was obsessed with A-Rod from a young age--when A-Rod wasn't even on the Yanks yet. He's a good kid. He just makes odd decisions sometimes, I guess.

**not to say that the play was cheating--it's just that he tried to do a deceptive play and then fake like it was an accident

Oh! Just as I was about to publish this post, it happened! You're not gonna believe this, but on NESN's post-game, they showed a Posada home run, using, what else, the YES feed, and guess who they showed in the dugout?! Clue: He had absolutely NOTHING to do with the play! Yes, it was Derek Jeter. Once again, dear NESN: It's bad enough we have to see this from YES and the national networks, but can I please watch the Red Sox channel without having to see a Derek Jeter DUGOUT REACTION to something he didn't contribute to???? Thanks, assholes! I'll come up with yet another analogy....hmmmm... I don't need to know what Tony Danza's mother's Christmas village display's paper boy is doing every time Ace Frehley takes a big fat dump in his dogsitter's outhouse, and I don't need to know what Derek Jeter is doing in the dugout EVER.

I just wanna say I love your blogs. Ive been a regular since I stumbled upon this place a few months ago. This is walking proof that Red Sox fan on average are 50-70% smarter then the average yankee fan, you would never find such an intelligent well written well structured blog having to do with the yankees. Keep up the great work man, this stuff is better than any of the crap in the papers, I mean that!!
And on the Jeter comment: THANK YOU! enough of that AHOLE!!
Thanks, Joseph.

Love your 50-70 percent line, ha.
Once again, dear NESN: It's bad enough we have to see this from YES and the national networks, but can I please watch the Red Sox channel without having to see a Derek Jeter DUGOUT REACTION to something he didn't contribute to?????

But Jere! That's such great stuff! You know, it was right after that touching two-strikes-and-Posada-thought-he-was-out incident, ha ha ha, and we the viewers just had to know how A-Rod and Derek Jeter had reacted, and the feed switched quickly to the dugout so we knew they thought it was funny, too, and we saw A-Rod was having a refreshing drink and Derek was smiling so wide it looked like his mouth was being held open by a sternum spreader used by heart surgeons, and how wonderful it all was that Posada's friends enjoyed it all, and then with the home run, well, think of the irony, and how Jorge had thought he had struck out, so after that, we just had to know what Derek Jeter thought of the whole business, and what better time to flash the camera on his mile-wide grin than when Jorge is still running the bases? < /foolishness >

Sorry, dude. I've got to go get the bad taste out of my mouth created by writing that drivel, which surely represents accurately what the TV guys are thinking when they do this. I'm sure I'll feel better and the bad taste will be gone once I've chewed through some gypsum wall board.
OK, nobody's gonna comment on the "holy-diver catch" - what is the ref? 80's song?
I'll put the answer in my later-tonight post. But you're on the right track.
CYE 4 life. We should do a marathon. I have all the seasons on dvd.
That's be sweet. A day-long party of every single Curb.

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