Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Red Sox vs. Tamp., soon PM.

I don't know if it's Verizon or NESN, but on Red Sox games, the sound on the commercials is all effed up--sounds like everyone who talks is a snorting pig. It was kinda fun at first, but now we have to mute the ads. Which we probably should be doing anyway. Instead we're constantly singing "why ku may why ku may why, why ku may why ku may why, oh ah seh was sa uh schwee-uhhh." You know, the backyard hotdog ads....

LOL on the hot dog ads. My father swears it's "Wassily, wassily, why... no aspirin todayyyy, oh". It bugged me so much I actually did some googling earlier in the summer. I forget now who sings it, but it's "why so many, why so many, why... and oh this friend todayyy, oh" as if that makes any more sense.
I think it's Right Me Up by State Radio.

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