Saturday, September 05, 2009

Adam & Erin, What Did I Do?

I was getting all this Japanese spam in my comments, so I went to my Statcounter to see if I could figure out where it was coming from. I noticed that the person who went to the post the spam was on came from another blog which had me in their links section. I waited until the next spam came, and sure enough, they came from that same blog again. My next step was to ask the writer of that other blog if they were getting Japan-spam, too. If they were, that would completely confirm that the person coming from their blog to my posts with the spam was this person (or robot), going from blog to blog and leaving their shitty fake comments.

So I went there, and found out it was a personal blog written by a couple, who happened to be Sox fans, and had a few Sox blogs in their links section, including this one. They had no e-mail address listed, so I very politely asked them in the comments section of their to post if they were getting the spam, too. I even explained that they could go ahead and delete my comment so it wouldn't clutter up their space--the point was to just contact them.

While I waited for their answer, I checked my Statcounter again and saw that who I thought was the spammer was located in central Mass. And this other blog's writers were also from there. So I got nervous, thinking, Okay, maybe the person coming to my blog was just one of the innocent writers of that blog. (Even though that would be quite a coincidence, considering a spam comment appeared right when they came to my blog, to a specific post that no one else came to anywhere near that time. Twice.)

So I went right back to their blog and said to just forget it, maybe I'm wrong, and then I deleted both my comments from there.

That was a few days ago. I never had a good feeling about this since they didn't respond in any way. I worried that they saw my comment, took it as an accusation (even though I made it clear I was not accusing them), and said Screw this guy. Well, I went back to their blog today, and I was off their blogroll!

So, to the writers of Adam and Erin Morris' Adventures in Life, what's the deal? When I saw I was linked at your place, I was psyched, because you seemed cool and I was glad to be one of the few Sox blogs you linked. I was just asking you a question, but you didn't respond, and now I'm off your list! I don't feel like I did anything wrong here. You have the right to not link to my blog, I'm just why "asking a question" is grounds for dismissal.

Eh. No good blog talks about shopping that much.
Maybe the writers at the other blog thought that deleting you from their blogroll would stop the spam problem? Dunno... it's a possibility, I suppose, but ya'd think they might have said something in reply.

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