Friday, September 04, 2009


Am I the only one on the side of the guy who punched the other guy last night? I'm not saying I would've punched the other guy in that situation, but hey, if you go up to somebody unprovoked and not only razz him, but actually purposely make contact with him, don't look for too much sympathy when you get your pompous ass clocked. People are calling it a cheap shot and a sucker punch! What the hell? That white boy was doing the classic "walk away with a smirk on your face because you just showed your jock pals how cool you are." And the other other guy pulled a McFly and actually nailed the unsuspecting bully. I was under the impression that that's when everyone claps....

Now maybe there's more of a back story to this that I don't know about. But all people are coming up with is that the puncher has been in trouble before...for not meeting team obligations. He's a wild man! From what I can tell, the only thing this guy was guilty of was not getting any yards in the game, and then having somebody on the other team try to rub it in his face and not expect any consequences.

And no, I have no allegiances here. If I had to, I'd choose Boise State over Oregon, since I'm still happy Boise St. beat Oklahoma that time, and Oregon has their own show on the Yankees' network, or at least they did a few years ago. But I am on the side of the Oregon guy here.

I have got to say I am with you all the way on this one Jere. I follow the Broncos from having lived in Idaho for 4 years so I was glad to see them beat Oregon, who looks down their nose at the teams in the Mountain West. But if you start to tweak to nose of the Tiger, don't be shocked if he bites you. I loved the way that "big, bad" punk dropped like a stone. The part that was disturbing by the Oregon player in question was trying to go into the stands to get to the fans. A little overboard there.
Yeah. He does say the fans were starting that, too, and by then he was a racecar in the red, but, true, at some point you gotta just get off the field.
I saw that live last night, Jere, and the Boise State player was asking for it, taunting the Oregon player who sucker punched him. It was an embarrassing ending for both teams, and no one looked good that it happened.

But I do love that blue turf that Boise State has...
"But I do love that blue turf that Boise State has..."

You'd have to be inhuman not to:)

I just went to see if that whole "birds think it's a pond so they fly into it and die" thing was really true, but apparently it's never been confirmed. So as long as no one has to die for it, I'm all for the blue. And I had no idea the U. of New Haven just installed blue turf! I gotta check that out....
UNH just got football back like 2 years ago, fielding a team of Freshman and Sophmores this year....The punch was funny because the Boise coach got his player knocked out by turning him at the last minute...

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