Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Wish This Wasn't Byrdland

We thought we'd seen the last of Paul Byrd. But here we are a year later, and he's back. I just don't enjoy looking at him or talking about him. Just my opinion. So, whatever you can do, Paul, just help us out and then make your face leave my mind.

TC pissing me off again on the pre-game, saying, "just a week ago, the Red Sox lost two of three to the Yanks and it was gloom and doom all across Red Sox Nation, but now..."

Tom! Why do we keep having to go over this? The only people thinking the season's over after every series loss in a SIX MONTH season are the media! Sure, it looks bad when the Globe puts out a survey that says: "Are you A. panicked, B. extra-panicked or C. SUPAH-panicked, ha ha ha."

I'm not saying I went in to work after the Yankee series and everyone was smiling and enjoying flavored coffees and saying I Heart the Red Sox so much, we all hate to lose, but I'm pretty sure most people who have followed a baseball team before know that if your team has the exact same record as they did the year before when they went to game 7 of the ALCS, the last thing they're thinking is that "the season's over." Only the media could take a 9-3 stretch and imply their was "gloom and doom" in the middle of it.

This is the whole reason I started a blog. Okay, one of, like, a hundred reasons. But I just hate the way the media perpetuates stereotypes. Seriously, the Red Sox swept a series, lost a game to the Yanks, won a game against the Yanks, lost another against the Yanks, then won three in a row...there wasn't even TIME for gloom/doom, goddamit!

Gloom & Doom?
Begone mediots.

Hey we're right on track to gain the game a week I said we needed last week. A win today guarantees a 1-game gain. A loss by the MFY means we're actually ahead of schedule.

I'm on board. The train is coming.
Casey Jones, and Joba - watch out!

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