Friday, September 04, 2009

Sox Lose, Sox Win

Even after tonight's shit-fit in shytown, we're still within a couple games of the first-place teams in all the other divisions. I'm just sayin', that's how good our record is.

Halladay one-hit the Yanks tonight. I love it when Joba looks like this! Which is all the time! That ERA is gradually climbing.... I've been feeling all year like it's lower than his performances have suggested. But I bet the WHIP is really high. I'm checkin' the WHIP. Hold on...

Oh, yeah. We're talkin' 1.53. For a comparison, think of how shitty John Smoltz has pitched this season. His WHIP is 1.44.

Everybody's hailing the Yanks as automatic champs (I've heard that before...). They just better hope CC doesn't bomb in game one. Because after him (he's not that great in October anyway), you've got Grandpa, and then AJ, who's having trouble lately AND has never pitched a playoff game. And then Joba I guess. Their pitching isn't looking World Series-ish to me, and that's the key to winning in Octo-month.


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