Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ronnie James D.O.

"If you believe in 'tie goes to the runner'...," said Don Orsillo. Is the rule book really something you can choose to believe or not believe in? Well, I guess it is when it comes to the strike zone and the phantom tag. Is there a band called Phantom Tag? How about Spikes High and the Phantom Tags? Where was I? Oh, right--"believe" it or not, a tie only sometimes goes to the runner. It's complicated. Check the rule book.

HH looked like crap in the first. But he looked like the opposite of crap (and I don't mean pee) the rest of the way, and we got a nice W, and won a series in Tampa for a change. Youk continues his great (and expected) offensive season.

We're rollin' toward Oct.

Answer to the "holy diver" joke from a few days ago: Jacoby made the diving catch on Burrell, whose at bat music is Dio's "Holy Diver." Nothing cracks me up more than Dio songs. Kim actually got Holy Diver as her ringtone, so when the Sox play in Tampa, it plays often in our house. Tonight, when Burrell was up, we cranked the TV volume. The song just goes on and on! The dude's practically swinging at the first pitch when they finally fade it out. Sometimes the lyrics start! We were joking about the person in charge fading it out, and then when the pitcher's about to wind up, cranking it real quick on that "jump! jump!" line. Ah, that Dio....endless entertainment. Did you know if you turn the Dio logo upside down it spells Devil? Yes!


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