Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Drinkwater Redux

[Note from 6/2008: Please read all comments of this post--I had the wrong guy at the time but have since learned the names of all the people in question, drawn correct diagrams, taken many pictures of each guy with the correct caption, and met Kapstein. Search elsewhere on this blog for that stuff. Thanks.]

Here's the whole Drinkwater story, in case you missed it.

At some point last season (ish), I started paying attention to--all right, borderline obsessing over--the movements of a large man who sits behind home plate at every game at Fenway Park. Pat and I eventually saw him on the field at Fenway before a game. So we knew he was a big deal in some form. We thought maybe he was a minor shareholder in the team or something.

One day, I heard WFAN's equally large man, Mike Francesa, talking about a guy named Dennis Drinkwater (who I would go on to erroneously call Charles Drinkwater, since I hear "Dennis" as "Charles," apparently). He said, "..those are Drinkwater's two passions, the New York football Giants and the Red Sox. You know it's summer when you see Drinkwater behind home plate at Fenway..."

Ooh, could this be the guy in question? There are two other "regulars" I've noticed behind the plate at Fenway (from TV, of course): The Jerry Springer-looking guy ("Springer"), and the C. Everett Koop-looking guy ("Koop"). But I pretty much knew Francesa had to be talking about our boy.

This is where it gets hazy. I somehow found out that Drinkwater was the Giant Glass guy. At that point, it all made sense. The Giants. Giant Glass. Drinkwater's a Giants fan. Giant Glass is a HUGE sponsor, hence this dude's connection with the team and ability to walk on the field whenever he wants, and sit behind home plate at every game.

So, naturally, I had the idea of the "Drinkwater Blog," where we'd chart his movements and mannerisms. He's funny to watch. He doesn't always stand when everyone else does, as he's in the front row. And it's rare to see him really go nuts cheering for the team. I saw him on TV at the World Series, in St. Louis, too. Of course, the reason to do this would be so that he hears about it, and gives some front row seats to his biggest fans.

A few weeks ago, at Fenway, Reb and I were walking around outside, and there was the man himself. Here's the link to her post and picture of some dude with Drinkwater in the background. On our way home that night, we heard a Giant Glass commercial, and he actually spoke in it. I think he's taking advantage of his cult fame.

I figured I'd let you all in on the Drinkwater obsession before it gets out of hand. Watch a game with me, and you'll hear me rambling about DW between pitches. And Springer and Koop, of course.

Tonight, the lady from Make A Wish was on WEEI during the game, and she and Castiglione were touting Drinkwater like you wouldn't believe. He gives a lot to charity, as you know from the "Giant Part of the Lineup" thing on games on the radio. Good job, DW. Share the wealth. (and the tickets!) Castig also said "We always see him on the monitor behind the plate."

So, if nothing else, I have officially confirmed that the guy I've been watching is indeed Drinkwater.

I don't know what the point of all this is, really.

Just heard "Sick of Myself" by Matthew Sweet on the coming-back from commercial music, too. Nice. What wasn't nice was hearing Aaron Boone hit a homer right as they came back from commercial, just like '03. Did you see that dick get hit in the face yesterday? That was pretty sweet. And laughing at it was allowable because the ball hit his hand and then bounced into his demon face, so I chalked it up to "It was his own damn fault."

I was always under the impression the Giant Glass guy was the Jerry Springer lookalike.
You've got the wrong guy.



the picture here

The dude with the man purse is not Drinkwater owner of Giant Glass.
The guy you think is Drinkwater is Jeremy Kapstein,who works for the Sox and used to be a superagent for athletes. Drinkwater is the blond guy in the front row.
just to set the record straight www.salemstate.edu/alumni/statement/docs/ALA-statement_1.pdf
I have been obsessed with the guy behind home plate for years He is there at every game A very loyal but not very emotional fan. I appreciate it that I now know his name thanks so much!!!!
This comment has been removed by the author.
The guy I'm obsessed with is actually Kapstein. Back when I wrote this, I indeed had the wrong guy. I eventually corrected this and talked more about him.

Wow, terrible job by Drinkwater's wife. That's really horrible.
Drinkwater is a great guy, he donates to a lot of charities and often gives his tickets up for an auction benefiting something he's involved with.
I've noticed some military men sitting in his seats. I heard he was driving by a house that had the military flag in the window and asked if they had a son or daughter in the military. When the son came home he gave the family his 4 seats! Nice guy.
Just a quick comment to Suzanne, I know that childhood memories are some that stick with us, but I think you may need to think again and grow up! I know Mrs. Drinkwater and she is the NICEST AND MOST CARING PERSON I HAVE EVER MET! She would do anything for anyone ! She takes care of everyone! Dont mean to minimize your thought or what you thought as a child you experienced but think it over again. We all think things as children, but ya know what we dont trash people YOU OBVIOUSLY DONT KNOW! I guess we can see how you grew up. Gotta learn not to blame others for ourselves !
The guy you have in the background of your photo is not Drinkwater. If you ever googled his name you would see his photo. Though he does sit behind home plate he is not there for every game. However one man behind home plate is. From you description I would say the gentleman you are looking at is Jeremy Kapstein, he is a Senior Advisior for the RedSox for baseball projects. I met him the other night at the game. He's a very funny man though you wouldnt think so looking at him. You can google his name as well.
Kristin, please read all comments before posting. This was the post where someone corrected me three years ago. I have had the names straight since then. I have also met Kapstein since--search this blog for all the other times I've talked about him since this very, very old post.

I will put something in the body of this post to prevent further confusion.
Confused. Who is the guy with the white patch of hair among dark that is sitting behind home plate just to the left of the ump on TV? Is he the one everyone refers to as Springer and the owner of Giant Glass?

Re: Mrs. Drinkwater
I was just relaying an experience and perception at that time, which I qualified was a child's perspective and a singular moment which cannot and should not be used to form an opinion of anyone. I have removed that post so that it cannot continue to be interpreted. And I apologize for any emotional impact it had for anyone.


All the info you need on the guy who sits behind homeplate. Articles, Pictures, and more... tell a friend.

I met the man! Awesome guy, all the security knows him by Mr. Drinkwater.
I wish I knew you were such a Dennis Drinkwater fan, I could've helped you out long ago!

I grew up with all the Drinkwater's, his son Deano, daughter Nicky, and his lovely wife Jackie.

Dennis and my uncle Lance Cramer are the founders of Giant Glass. Both worked years before in the glass biz to save up and learn enough to start their own business. Dennis is president, my uncle is vice president of Giant Glass.

What most do not know and a little "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would put it, is that both Dennis and my uncle started their own baseball team in Georgetown, MA, called, what else, the Georgetown Giants. Dennis, (Denny as he was called back then) and my uncle put tons of time and money into the team and Denny's son Dean (Deano back then) and I were the bat boys and foul ball chasers - we reused baseballs as often as possible back then. After the game we'd pass the hat to our home town supporters to help defray the costs, sometimes lucky to collect $25.

Both Dennis and my uncle go to the super bowl every year, and yes, Dennis is one of the biggest NY Giants fan!

Their baseball team made it through to the mid 80's, I believe they were league champs at least once, maybe twice, and then as older guys settle down and the aches and pains settle in, their attention stayed focused on Giant Glass.

As each bad snow storm during winter comes and goes and I curse the cold and ice, I remember it is weather like this that is most needed in the glass business and learn to muffle my moans.

Dennis is a great guy, as is my uncle and both their families, and it's been a pleasure to have known them over the years.

I've balked at the suggestion of my aunt to learn the glass biz and go to work for my uncle at Giant Glass but as the years go by and as sure as I am that Deano is poised to take over the reigns from Dennis one day, I wonder if being my uncle's favorite nephew - he has no son of his own, if the call will one day come in to the "bull pen" and I'll be asked to step up to continue the game...

All the best.

Jeff Cramer.
Thanks. A great story. I'm glad I asked.
Regarding the heartwarming Jeff Cramer comment:

That would be great to believe, sports fans, but please exercise caution.

Cramer is a very good "story-teller". None of this can be confirmed, even with his family. Or Giant Glass. His love of the Sox has led him to even pretend to BE a SOX player, sign baseballs and tell stories about his role "with the team".

Everybody loves a game, eh?
Ever since the Suzanne comment (which she terribly deleted!--it was something about how Mrs. Drinkwater yelled at her for having to pee on a car trip or something), I don't know who to believe! But I love that this post has legs!
By the way, I used the wayback machine to find Suzanne's comment, which she later deleted. And here it is:

"I'm not sure if you're still obsessed with Drinkwater but I grew up a few houses down from his. I believe he moved when he got big with Giant Glass. Two memories. He had a daughter named Nikki and a son named Dean. I'm pretty sure they were good looking. His wife took me to some sort of sporting event (could have been soccer or maybe red sox) and I had to go to the bathroom, couldn't hold it and wet my pants and she yelled at me and made me feel like shit. She was watching us I think for more than a day as I believe my parents were out of town. Being an adult now I know what kind of sacrifice that is but when my mom came back I told her how mean she was and I never had to stay there again. Georgetown was the town and Baldpate Road was the road..."
why is everyone so interested in Dennis Drinkwater? Our family is close with Dean and Susan Drinkwater., They are wonderful people, who will do anything for you. We traveled to Italy with Sue and Dean....we had a blast. The come to Kiawah Island to visit us in the summer. All our kids get along so well. I have stayed at the Drinkwater home and is was just beautiful. My boys play with Chase and Grant t boy. My girls hang out with Sophia, they have sooo much fun.***************Hoping to see the Drinkwater family in Kiawah this summer. June27-the next week. Susan and I will play a tennis match on saturday, then have lunch at the Santuart.We we will meet at The Santuaery in the morning to grt our bikes.hoping to get in topuch with susan. They are such a wonderful family. Susan is really funny. and, fun to be around. See you soon Susan,
HI Susan and Dean. Cant wait to go to Kiawah Island, again with all the kids. We have so much fun, We like the fireworks next to the santcuart. We have a b last biking. Lets catch up soon. It willl nbe here before you know it. take care. we miss you all.......katherine
I've always noticed him because my first thought was "Robert Redford" with that blond hair!
I have been looking for Denise Drinkwater this season. Where is he???
Drinkwater has been there at least once, I have not seen Kapstein though. There is a newer regular, the man (woman?) with the white afro--they were back there a lot last year, and this year I saw them at Yankee Stadium behind the plate--all three games of that series!
saw that woman/man with the white afro who is that? very loyal sox fan love it!!
where is drinkwater its been too long!!dennis please surface soon so i can be sure i've got the right game tuned in on MLB
Yeah I don't know what's up with Duckman/woman, but he/she goes to games home and away. My mom recently asked me where Drink and Kap are, I also have not seen them so far this season. They better get their acts together!
According to google Kaps got let go this year and I've no idea where Drink water is
Holy crap, Kap out?? I'll have to ask him what's up should I see him around RI. Maybe Drinkwater is boycotting Kap's dismissal!

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