Wednesday, September 02, 2009

All That Work...

In the eighth, after the Beelzebub Raymonds handed us the tying run on a bronze dish, we had second and third, one out. And not only did Gonzalez and Ellsbury strike out, but they didn't try to run to first when the catcher dropped the ball. I think Alex was about to, when he got tagged out, but it seems like Jacoby could have started to run. The go-ahead run's on third! Make the catcher make a throw!

Two batters into the next inning, they had the lead again. Then, while I was getting garbage together (including from my Spider-Man can I got in the 70s, still with Bradlees tag) to bring outside, the Rays quickly added two more. And that was it. I was hoping to just not find out how that happened, but TC told me it was Fay-Rod with a dong. That asshole was show-ponying just like A-Rod does, on an earlier foul pop that he couldn't get to. You know what I mean? The high-stepping trot that says, "I know you know I know you're watching me but the more I pretend I don't know, the more you can tell I do know."

Too bad Beckett came right out with the goph. balls tonight. He did settle down--hopefully that's a sign of non-homerific things to come for his opponents.

Seems like every time I check, our record is exactly what it was after the same number of games last season. And here were are again, 77-55.

NESN outdid themselves on the "film the ball only" routine tonight. They did it on a ball that almost landed on the infield.

Yanks played the Orioles again, so you know what happened there. We're 7.5 out with 30-ish to play. If the playoffs started today, I'd write my congressperson.


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