Saturday, December 16, 2006

For Fatty Fats

Everybody knows Cookie Puss, but do you remember this weird alternative ice cream that Carvel made? This is from my Channel 11 tape, circa '87. (The same tape that had this other Carvel classic on it.)

In the commercial right before Thinny Thin, is that Nancy Travis, with nostril man?


Throwing Muses

When I was little, the baseball card that I remember getting the most was that of relief pitcher Bill Caudill. It was almost a joke between my dad and I. We'd buy a pack, knowing there was probably a Caudill inside. (I called the dude Bill "ka-DILL.") I just found out that Caudill's was the very first multi-million dollar contract of...

Is it possible Scott got the Topps company to produce more of Caudill's cards than any other? Something to think about...

The Red Sox got the wired, former scab Brendan Donnelly and lefty J.C. Romero to bolster the 'pen. Both these guys were basically really good until last year. If either one recaptures the magic, I'll be happy. The player photo for Donnelly is up at, and when I saw it, I thought there was some mistake. Turns out I'd just never seen him without those Chris Sabo/Kurt Rambis/Eric Dickerson goggles.

J.C. adds to our new collection of J._. people. I'll have to do what I did last offseason after the Blue Jays started acquiring _.J. players. (J.K. Rowlings comes immediately to mind. And J.J. Evans will be fought over by both squads. Too bad J.T. Snow is gone.)

Phil Seibel was traded for Donnelly. Check out this weird quote by Theo about Phil:

He kind of had unusually close relationships with a lot of people in the front office and the player development staff.

What does he mean by that? Would he perform DNA testing on them as a hobby? "Mr. Lucchino, is there any way--and I know I've asked you this time and again--but, could you take a sip out of this glass? And then give it right back to me? Thanks. Oh, and if you're gonna spew [pulls out tiny, crumpled paper cup], spew into this..."

Big protest march here in NYC Saturday, against the cops, for shooting 50 shots at unarmed men. Should be a huge turnout. I like how it's going right through midtown on a big tourist-shoppy day.

Hey Vern

Wells to stay with Jays for seven years. I was hoping we'd get him next year. Oh, well. At least the Yanks won't get him, either.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Changing Of The Sneeze Guard

The new Trupiano(s). (Praise Gedman, neither are named Lyons.) Castiglione, of course, will be back for his 25th season.

Quinn Early

Red Sox blogger Mighty Quinn, aka Brooklyn Sox Fan, has been doing some great stuff lately over at MQ's Media Machine. First of all, terrible job by me for not paying attention and missing the Spaceman, Bill Lee, hanging out with Quinn and the rest of the gang down at Professor Thom's here in NYC. It sounded like a great time. Had I known, I'd have at least had the chance to pan on going before chickening out. I wouldn't know what to say to a hero of mine like Bill Lee. I'd probably have to say something like, "Can you just talk for a while, and I'll just listen?" (He'd probably be fine with that.) They also showed his movie, which, terribly, I still haven't seen. I have read a few of his books, though. Quinn got a nice "Earth" signing from the former should have been number 337 upside-down. (Besides Gedman, Lee is another person I monitor on eBay, and he commonly writes "Earth" or "Sapceman" or even "Yankees Suck" when signing autographs.)

Back to Quinn, though, he's also been writing this freakin' thesis about his time working at the soon-to-be-dust Tower Records. Check that out, too.

But the most impressive thing Quinn's done lately is to appear on the news--in 1985! He's got a link to a YouTube video of a story by Lloyd Lindsay "Helloooo" Young, former weatherman and reporter for New York's home of the 80s Mets, channel 9. The story's about Howard Stern, and is from '85. And when they went to ask random people about Howard, who did they ask? Quinn! He's gets two little snippets in the story. Awesome. I don't know what's cooler, that I know personally someone who appeared in a random news story from 1985, or that someone I know has the footage of himself on the news in 1985. Is that the same thing? Well, I guess it's a tie, then.

Go over to MQ's Media Machine now and just scroll around.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Matsuzaka-san's Bare Garden

[Note: All the vids in this post went away forever when YouTube cancelled my old account. Theirrr mistake.]

Here it is. The Devils' TV coverage of the Dice-drop. The few fans who were there got a treat. Pretty cool.

I love the laughing at Damon. And the fact that the Devils dude is a Sox fan. Oddly enough, I've still got the game on as I work on this, and two goals have been scored in the first, like three minutes. Amazing. Below is bonus footage that features someone we all know in the background of a Devils announcer dude talking about something else.

That's right, it's John Henry, not aware that a bunch of people in New York are watching him. Then you see Boras stick his head out, and then what appears to be the back of Lucchino's head. This was after the pre-game thing in the post below, and before the actual drop.

Update, 7:55 PM. Daisuke leaves:

(Of course, I kept taping since one of the new caveman commercials came on. Not as good as "next time do a little research," but still pretty good, as is the airport one.)


Note: This video disappeared forever when YT cancelled my old account. Sorry.

Dice on the Devils' channel. A little quickie during pre-game. I missed the beginning of it.

Update: Daisuke has dropped the puck. Footage coming up in a new post in a few minutes.

Drop The Puck!

I'm at work, and the "coverage" I'm getting from message boards of the press conference is pretty weak (I don't have sound on my computer here, so I did actually watch a bit of it on, without sound): "This is dumb." "The translator sucks." That type of thing. But I did find out that Diceburg Lettuce will be dropping the ceremonial first puck at the Bruins game tonight. Thinking quickly, heh, I raced to the Bruins site to see if they're playing a NY-area team tonight, figuring the chances are pretty good since there are three of them. And, indeed, gold. The Devils are in town. So I'll go home now and pop on the Devils channel. Maybe they'll show it. If not, they certainly should give it a mention. I don't know how the Bruins are doing (I literally have never known in my life, mind you, how the Bruins are doing), but I'm guessing 6-Sided Die gets the biggest ovation of the evening.

Yankee Fans, Get Your "Dice-Gay" Bootleg T's Ready

Dicey McGee is here, and the press conference starts at 5.

Do people get this yet? Should I change it to "Have a Dice-K"? Will that make people steal it without giving me cred-- I mean, like it more? I mean, I could make the face yellow, like the smily face usually is, and that might make people get it, but then some would think I'm using an anti-Asian slur.

18 & Life

Daisuke passed his physical. (Hey, how come I never get graded when I get a physical?)

Media, here's your chance to go on and on about how Steinbrenner doesn't always do what it takes and doesn't always put his money where his mouth is. And that the Red Sox do spend when they really want a guy. Get on that. Oh, and while you're at it, why don't you talk about how "cursed" the Yanks are and how this is yet another time where their rivals--who have won a World Series since they have--outdid them. Another in a long line of Yankee disappointments. Where are those articles? (See how stupid you all sounded for all those years, Yankee people and world-wide media?)

I can't wait for this press conference to happen so Johnny Damon can watch on TV as some other guy holds up the number 18 jersey.

"You Call That Bein' Hip? What World You From?"

Not much news since the plane landed. The deal is pretty much official, though.

I'd been thinking about watching Taxi Driver--for the one millionth time--for the last few nights. It's like a comfort movie for me. Isn't that insane? Frosty the Snowman and Taxi Driver. There could be no story at all, and I'd still sit there for hours, pausing and rewinding, trying to figure out which New York street each scene is shot on, and seeing how different things were back then. But the movie's awesome as a bonus. Anyway, with the death of Peter Boyle today, I figured tonight was the perfect night for it. I learned from the CBS Evening News that "holy crap" was Boyle's catch phrase on that Raymond show that Chan seems to enjoy. Apparently, after his role as "The Wizard," he went on to become some kind of irritable yet beloved grandpa. Terrible job by people who know him by anything but "The Wizard." "One guy lives in Brooklyn, another guy lives on Sutton Place..." I also learned that CBS isn't quite sure they like the word "crap." They cut the sound when he said it one time (despite that they actually had the phrase on the screen, during the teaser for the story before going to commercial), and kind of did a fade-out on it another time. Like they were trying to make us think there were just some random sound glitches...that happened to occur whenever "crap" was said. It's almost like they got complaints during the commercials, and came up with a quick fix. All for nothing more than a little crap.

Something that's been bothering me: The "voice" of the YES network is just some random dude. A pretty despicable voice if you ask me, only made worse that it's always heard proudly declaring upcoming "Yankeeographies"--"only on YES." Shudder. But it's avoidable, or at least it used to be. Now, "the voice"--will call its owner "John Dunbar," adding him to the Dunbar family--can be heard on the HBO On Demand channel. So, now, every time I'm searching through free movies or old Curb or Extras or Ali G episodes, I have to hear John Dunbar talking about HBO and other cable shows. It's sickening. But I'll take it one further. Apparently, John Dunbar has gone full-blown mainstream. You know how CNN is cashing in on the "people stuck in the woods" craze? Well, guess who's the voice of rural peril? John fuckin' Dunbar. I can't take it anymore. I got some bad thoughts in my head, man. I think I might buy some guns from Easy Andy and come up with elaborate ways of attatching them to my body and go down to where John Dunbar is no doubt pimping 12 year old girls and...

Moving on, my girlfriend has made her position quite clear on Ryan Howard: He should come to the Red Sox. Well, good news. He just "tried out" with this double-point:

Message received, Ryan. See you in a few years.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dice On The New York News

Just taped this. I like the deep breath before the pronunciation of Daisuke Matsuzaka's name.

We beat the Knicks on the New York 6:00 news! Oh. That's not saying much, I guess. But still!

Just when I was thinking how at least one person that stalked, I mean, attended the Daisuke plane arrival must have a blog, I found out, through Joy of Sox, that everybody's pal Empy made the trip to Ol' Bedford. Check out her description here.


"In Mid-Air, Mind You"

While Yankee fans are still trying to figure out how a big, heavy, metal bird can stay aloft, Red Sox fans are tracking John Henry's plane as it brings Daisuke to Boston.

(Currently crossing over the four corners. And I don't mean the one in Brookfield, CT.)

Update: 6 years, 52 million bucks!

Update, 2:50 PM: Air'Henry is about to not be in Kansas anymore, as it approaches the midpoint of its flight. It looked to me like they started picking up speed once they hit Kansas. Sure enough, I clicked the "en route" link, and according to it, they've sped up to the 490 knots level, after cruising at 450 for much of the first half of the flight. That could be because they've gone upstairs to 41,000 feet, after a long stretch at 39--am I really saying this? This is ridiculous! I'm actually watching the progress of a plane, clicking reload...

Update, 3:24 PM: Henry unaware of deal. Theo, Larry, Daisuke, Werner, and Boras decide not to call him to mess with him, I'm sure. I bet that happened a lot to John Henry in elementary school.

Update, 4:15 PM: Plane over Ohio. Mirabelli back with Sox.

Update, 5:30 PM: This is the most exciting final approach ever! 1700 ft, 1200, 900... I wonder what FlightAware does on the landing... A zero? An "L"? I can't wait! ... Looks like it just stopped tracking at 900 feet. According to the "progress" chart, they're two minutes from landing. (Someone on a message board said it already landed.)... And now that flashed off and it says "Landed 17 minutes ago!" Yes, with an exclamation point. I guess that means they're 17 minutes behind real time. Anyway, what a day. And there's more to come...

Daisuke And Three More

I am getting really excited about Gyromite now. I kept saying at first how we don't know what we're getting, and that they better be damn sure he's gonna be good if we spend all this money on him. And it appears that they are sure, as Daisuke is currently flying to Boston. So I'm psyched.

In another offseason episode, I've been getting more and more worried about Papelbon not being the closer. Think about it. Let's say they'd never even thought about Pap being a starter. Would we go into this season saying, "Let's trade our closer for another pitcher whwas a closer, too, only we'll put him in as a starter, and then just get whoever to close"? No. And now with all this great starting pitching--granted, including Pap--we might have some dude blowing every game in the ninth. Another good think about getting Daisuke is it adds more pitching, so overall, we should be better, and have less games to worry about needing a closer in. Also, there's less of a chance we'll get the fat, Babe-kissin' traitor now!

I haven't mentioned Kapler yet, although I've been talking about him in real life a lot, of course. So, I'll just say, Nice job, Gabe. Glad you'll be staying in the organization. My girlfriend feels you should keep playing for a few more years, though.

Peter Boyle, aka The Wizard in Taxi Driver is dead.

Daisuke Matsuzaka A Red Sox

Looks like we've captured him.

Matsuzaka News...

is what we're waiting for, but, in the meantime, look at this article about Lugo. Specifically, his quotes at the bottom. I like those quotes. Anyone else like those quotes? He's basically saying, "I'm good, I love Manny and Papi, nothing to worry about." Good stuff.

Blah Cubed

Finally, an article with some numbers. We're offering 8 mil, Boras Karloff wants 11. Something's gonna happen soon here, good or bad. Last night around 3 AM our time, Edes said "no chance," then changed that 15 minutes later. Other sources are just saying the same crap as always: still talking, still no deal. But Boras did say something about "maybe" having something to say "later today." We shall see.

What I want to know is, if Theo thinks Daisuke is worth a hundred million, but he's including the 51 million, but Boras isn't, how could a deal possibly be made? Doesn't that essentially mean the two sides are 51 million dollars apart? I guess you have to factor in the length of the contract, but, still, seems like a huge point of contention. If they say, "we've extended the deadline for another month," I'm gonna have a heart attack. (Minor.)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


From an AP article:

Lucchino and Epstein flew to Los Angeles on Henry's plane.

"It's here in Southern California and it will leave on Wednesday morning," Epstein said. "We hope Matsuzaka-san will be on it..."

I just watched an episode of What's Happening!, and saw that classic ending of the opening theme where Dwayne and Roger hop in the back of the pick up, but Rerun takes a fatal glance the other way, leaving him to chase after the truck on foot. So now I'm imagining Daisuke running after the plane, flailing his arms. Will he get on in time? (On What's Happening!, we never find out if Rerun makes it...but another episode always starts regardless. I always knew I'd apply what I learned from that show one day...)

Scoreless Thai

Really funny story about people getting autographs in the mail from a ballplayer, 15 years after their requests. Click the other baseball card-related articles that are linked at the end, too.

In Thai restaurant menu news:

You know how sometimes people who don't speak a language too well try to advertise to people who do speak that language well, and they end up with a bunch of words that don't do a very good job of describing their product? Well, I've got a really good example of that. It's hard to look at. I can only hope nobody ever tells these people exactly what they've done.

We got a menu for a Thai place that's right near us (that we never knew about, amazingly). On the front cover, they've opted to show us a quote from Zagat's. Here it is:

A "tried-and-true" neighborhood "staple"...dispenses "better-than-average" food that's "such a bargain"; the weak link is its "seedy charm" (how about some "new furniture"?)

You know, after I transcribed that, I realized that above that is another review. It's simply two stars, followed by the name of the New York Times critic who gave it that many. I thought it was a little starry logo. Either someone's playing a joke on them, or they decided they were going to be honest and put their reviews on the front of their menu no matter what they say...

My Quizzes Are Better On Every Level

I noticed there's a trivia section on the Yankees' website, so I checked it out. Look at this question (and answer--that part doesn't really matter here) and see if you can tell me what's wrong--no, tell me if there's anything right about it:

Since the Baltimore Orioles won the first American League East Division Champion in 1969, the New York Yankees have lead the league more times than any other team in it's division. How many American League East Division Series Championships have the New York Yankees won since 1969 (excluding 2006)?

Answer: c. 11 - The Yankees were American League East Diviison Champions in the folowing years: 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

Could one (1) person have maybe glanced at this before they tossed it out to the public? Let's analyze this one from the beginning:

the Baltimore Orioles won the first American League East Division Champion

You don't "win a champion."

the New York Yankees have lead the league more times than any other team in it's division

Who shot who in the what now? Lead the league? Okay, so by "lead" they mean "won," and by "league" they meant "division," I guess. And the wording after that implies we're talking about all the teams in baseball, each of which plays in a division. If that's the case, they're way off, since the Braves have won more division "Champions." And check out the apostrophe in "it's"! Now we know where all these Yanks fans are getting their grammar lessons!

How many American League East Division Series Championships have the New York Yankees won since 1969 (excluding 2006)?

What in the hell is going on here?? I kid you not, this actually is on their site. I don't even know what to say about this one. Let's assume the word "Series" was put in there by mistake. Even in that case, though, why exclude 2006?

Answer: c. 11 - The Yankees were American League East Diviison Champions in the folowing years: 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

You've got an extra "i" in "division," Billy the intern. Also, there are two "l"s in "following." I love how the answer is "c." There weren't any choices! And those '81 and '84 "Champions" could be debated.

Needless to say, I stopped taking their quiz after that question.

SV Yourself

One of my favorite things about living in New York is seeing the little signs on the parking meters that tell cars not to park there becuase a movie or TV show will be filming in the area. I think it's kind of weird that the signs actually tell you the name of the production. Wouldn't they want to keep people away from the filming? Why attract people to the scene? They give you the time as well as the day. If I were shooting a major motion picture, I'd have the signs say "Urban Dust Mites: A Documentary" or something, so that people wouldn't purposely come back at the pre-determined time to bother my famous actors.

Anyway, they do give the name and date and time, so I always look up the name of the film on imdb to see if it's worth going back to that spot.

Last week, I was walking home from work and, much like our friends in Ace of Base, I saw "the sign" on a parking meter. Turns out they were going to be shooting some Law & Order. I've learned from people that have acting backgrounds that Law & Order is almost like an inside joke amongst actors or people who work in television here in New York. If you've worked at all, you've worked on Law & Order. Probably multiple times. I saw that the time was Tuesday morning. So I knew I'd be walking right through the episode, essentially, on my way in to work that day, along the sparsely-populated sidewalk.

That day was this morning. As I walked, I came across a garbage truck stopped on a side street, sticking out into the avenue. I'd had a run-in with this very truck before, as it always sticks out when it's parked in this spot, causing pedestrians to either cross in front of it, risking their lives walking blindly into the traffic speeding up the avenue, or cross behind it, in the official "garbage collecting zone," which you're not supposed to do. So this one time, in that situation, I decided to go around the back of the truck, as did a woman right behind me. After we got across the street, the garbage guys yelled at us to cross only in front of the truck. I had to say something, so I shouted back at them, as politely as I could, "It's halfway into the avenue." I think one of 'em yelled something back at me, but I just kept walking.

Today, the truck was blocking my view of the sidewalk ahead of me, but I could tell there was TV-stuff going on behind it. As I approached the truck, I had to make the usual decision. I chose to test my luck on the front, or avenue side of the truck. I noticed a man facing me with a walkie-talkie. I thought he might be guarding the area, but he didn't stop me. Suddenly, I was across the street and walking on a sidewalk full of crewmembers. I realized at that moment that the guy was supposed to have stopped me. But he didn't, and I was just trying to get to work. (While checking for any famous people, of course.) I've never seen the show, though, so I wouldn't know who to look for anyway.

So there I was, dodging cameras, lights, people carrying huge cables, just like in the movies when they show people making...another movie. I saw those special chairs with the logo on the back: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Everyone I saw was in the crew. Yeah, they were definitely supposed to have kept this area clear. But no one said anything to me. One lady gave me an eye-rolling "excuse me," as she tried to get by me in the crowd, her not realizing I wasn't some crewmember slacking off and getting in her way, me knowing I'd done nothing wrong, just trying to get to work. Maybe I looked like a crew guy and that's why they let me through. Or maybe I was the first person through after filming had stopped--I could tell they had just wrapped everything up.

And then I walked past the Dunkin' Donuts, the doggy bath place...and everything was back to normal. That shoot was the "gym class" of my commute.


From ESPN:

"We flew out unsolicited and called immediately upon landing and asked for a meeting not only with Scott but also with Daisuke," Epstein said. "We do have plans to meet tomorrow and at that time will present a second offer, an improved offer. We're not frustrated. We're just doing everything possible under the sun to get a deal done."

The Red Sox said on the call they also intend to sign Masumi Kuwata, a 38-year-old right-hander who has spent 21 seasons with the Yomiuri Giants.

Wow. Japanese pitchers certainly are the fad. If I were a Japanese dude, I'd grab a glove and some spikes, make up some phony baseball cards on a color printer and just start showing up at team offices. "Oh, no, you don't need to bid. I grant you the rights to negotiate with me. It's cool."

Matt D, Da Matt, And D-Mat

The latest. As of midnight. Boras gives press conference, says Daisuke is worth well in excess of 10 billion cents. Trio and the Theo are in California, pulling a Chan, when his parents come to America from Hong Kong but only go as far as California. A bunch of stuff does or doesn't happen, and all is right or wrong with the world. And Matt Damon just did an incredible Matt McConaughaughghuegheuaey impression on Letterman.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Making Little Texans Cry

From the New York Times:

When Pettitte told his family he was returning to New York, his father said Andy’s two youngest children started crying because they thought they would have to sell their house in Texas.

Once they were assured that was not the case and the family would maintain its home near Houston, Tom said they stopped crying and resumed playing.

So...I guess it all worked out then. It makes it funnier if you imagine little Rod and Todd Pettitte playing Grand Theft Auto. But it was more likely "From Jerusalem to Jericho" or "Good Samaritan."

When players go play in a different city to "get closer to family," why don't they just admit, when they then leave that city, that they've since gotten sick of the family?

Look at this, from a USA Today article from when Andy signed with the Astros:

"Sunday night at church was when I saw Andy at peace with this [decision to leave the Yanks]," Tom Pettitte said. "He was watching his three kids in a Christmas play, and I saw true contentment in his eyes. Aparently, that shit just doesn't do it for him anymore. His real family consists of green, dead presidents.

TJ by the NBA. Setting cows' rights back three months.

We'll be seeing a lot of Jape in '07.


Remember when I posted about the dude who was hiking the Appalachian Trail? Well, the quest is over.

Here's his last entry. It's from October, but it describes how in August, after making it as far as Peekskill, New York (Mrs. Garrett would be proud), he finally hopped a train and ended the whole thing.

Oh, well. At least he gave it his best shot.

Have I Mentioned This Before?

The Yanks continue discount-mania. Today, ticket packs went on sale, one of which allows you to buy $42 Tier box seats to eleven games for a total price of $55. That's $5 per ticket--about 88% off the game day face value.

If anyone out there is a "real" reporter, can you please do a story on this, or at least mention it when the Yanks brag about their record attendance numbers at season's end? Thanks.

Again, if I put on a play in my living room, print up one million "tickets" on the office copier, walk outside and hand the entire stack to a homeless guy, can I say that one million people attended my play?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mission Of The Week

Note: video now gone thanks to YT. I'll get it back up eventually.

If you're an American, you've probably already watched the above video and moved on to some porn site. But if you're actually curious as to what's up with it, here's the deal: That clip is from the one-game playoff in '78. At the moment when Goose Gossage is summoned from the bullpen, the ball he's warming up with is thrown back to him--but the Goose has turned away, looking for his jacket. The ball bounces once, and, despite Elston Howard's feeblest of attempts--granted, he's in the middle of jacket-giving duty--goes over the fence, nailing some poor sap square on the melon.

Who was that person? I must know. Are they still alive? If not, did they get to see 2004? Was it a man or a woman? It appears the person is in a little group of three, each with a white/yellow hat on. It almost looks like it could be three older women.

Almost every fan on the screen besides those three are watching the ball. That one dude almost grabs it just before it hits the head of the unlucky one. One guy on the top right is wearing an orange hat and no shirt. One guy appears to have a Pirates hat on.

But I want to know what became of that person that got hit. If that person was a Sox fan, which they almost definitely were, that must've been the worst day of their life. First the Dent homer. Then getting hit on the head. Then the Piniella play, which they watched right in front of them, and then it was all over.

So what became of them? There's gotta be someone out there who, every time someone mentions that game, gets even more pissed than everyone else, and breaks into their story of having to witness the game AND getting knocked on the skull by a ball. Did they even get the ball? It bounces away, but I gotta figure the person who gets it sees the person holding their head and gives up the ball.

Is this someone's grandma? Can anyone help? This person, if alive, is out there somewhere, and at least knows someone with internet access. Let's find this person. Please help.

Now, about the announcers. These are the dudes I grew up with, as I rooted against the Yanks. Phil Rizzuto, aka Scooter, and Bill White. You've heard White's call of the Dent home run. I actually learned from finding this tape and watching some of the game that Scooter was in the press box at the time of Dent's corky bloop. That is so classic. I think it's awesome that he missed out on being involved in that call--and that we don't have to hear him every time it's shown--because he was doing what he always was doing during games: dickin' around. The guy would leave early to "get on the bridge" and get back to Cora. Later in the inning, Scooter's back, telling us how he was in the press box, letting out three of his stolen trademark "holy cow"s amongst the quiet of the Boston reporters. Note that in the above clip, they're babbling like fools, not able to figure out the simple fact that Bailey had indeed been announced. (They go on even more about it after I cut the clip short.)

And a note on retrosheet: As you know, I've had only good things to say about that site. It's possibly my favorite website. But what's with the commentary? In certain games, in their play-by-play, they'll be some boldface type, reminding the reader of an historic or noteworthy moment or performance. But if you look at the '78 game, you'll see this after the BFD homer:

The HR that broke New England's back

I tried to think of another example of when they include bold type, and I remembered that they do it for no-hitters. So I checked Larsen's perfect game and saw this:

But was the last pitch a strike??? Perhaps it was high and outside

What?? I mean, yes, we all know it wasn't a strike, but they really put that in their play-by-play of the game? And the Dent thing, jeez. Come on. Just shut up about it. There's no need for commentary. At least put it in a separate section or something.

Happy birthday to childhood friend Ali, wherever you are. Hey, speaking of finding people, has anyone seen Ali lately?


Pretty Sneaky, Sis

They just put a bunch of September games on sale. Looks like I got in before the rush and needless to say I'll be at Fenway a lot on that final weekend. Nice variety, too. Some section 32 action (underrated); way upper bleacher below scoreboard; and 10 rows up in dead center. Gold. Got through on first try on phone, took a few minutes of repeatedly hitting "continue" on web. (Got some tix in each way this time.) I also noticed you can now get up to 8 tix for each game, which lots of people will like, I'm sure. Remember those days? "Oh, yeah, you can all come. I'll get enough tickets for everyone!"

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