Monday, December 11, 2006

Making Little Texans Cry

From the New York Times:

When Pettitte told his family he was returning to New York, his father said Andy’s two youngest children started crying because they thought they would have to sell their house in Texas.

Once they were assured that was not the case and the family would maintain its home near Houston, Tom said they stopped crying and resumed playing.

So...I guess it all worked out then. It makes it funnier if you imagine little Rod and Todd Pettitte playing Grand Theft Auto. But it was more likely "From Jerusalem to Jericho" or "Good Samaritan."

When players go play in a different city to "get closer to family," why don't they just admit, when they then leave that city, that they've since gotten sick of the family?

Look at this, from a USA Today article from when Andy signed with the Astros:

"Sunday night at church was when I saw Andy at peace with this [decision to leave the Yanks]," Tom Pettitte said. "He was watching his three kids in a Christmas play, and I saw true contentment in his eyes. Aparently, that shit just doesn't do it for him anymore. His real family consists of green, dead presidents.

TJ by the NBA. Setting cows' rights back three months.

We'll be seeing a lot of Jape in '07.

Ya know how some say cats are attached to their house but not the people in them? I never found that to be true. Obviously, it's true of some ballplayers' children. I should think he felt bad when the children wanted to see more of their house than their dad. Imagine wanting to live in Houston rather than New York. I mean, have you been to Houston???
I know, it's like, "Aw, don't worry, kids, you'll get to stay here, only DADDY will be leaving!" "Hurray! Let's resume playing!"

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