Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Daisuke And Three More

I am getting really excited about Gyromite now. I kept saying at first how we don't know what we're getting, and that they better be damn sure he's gonna be good if we spend all this money on him. And it appears that they are sure, as Daisuke is currently flying to Boston. So I'm psyched.

In another offseason episode, I've been getting more and more worried about Papelbon not being the closer. Think about it. Let's say they'd never even thought about Pap being a starter. Would we go into this season saying, "Let's trade our closer for another pitcher whwas a closer, too, only we'll put him in as a starter, and then just get whoever to close"? No. And now with all this great starting pitching--granted, including Pap--we might have some dude blowing every game in the ninth. Another good think about getting Daisuke is it adds more pitching, so overall, we should be better, and have less games to worry about needing a closer in. Also, there's less of a chance we'll get the fat, Babe-kissin' traitor now!

I haven't mentioned Kapler yet, although I've been talking about him in real life a lot, of course. So, I'll just say, Nice job, Gabe. Glad you'll be staying in the organization. My girlfriend feels you should keep playing for a few more years, though.

Peter Boyle, aka The Wizard in Taxi Driver is dead.


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