Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blah Cubed

Finally, an article with some numbers. We're offering 8 mil, Boras Karloff wants 11. Something's gonna happen soon here, good or bad. Last night around 3 AM our time, Edes said "no chance," then changed that 15 minutes later. Other sources are just saying the same crap as always: still talking, still no deal. But Boras did say something about "maybe" having something to say "later today." We shall see.

What I want to know is, if Theo thinks Daisuke is worth a hundred million, but he's including the 51 million, but Boras isn't, how could a deal possibly be made? Doesn't that essentially mean the two sides are 51 million dollars apart? I guess you have to factor in the length of the contract, but, still, seems like a huge point of contention. If they say, "we've extended the deadline for another month," I'm gonna have a heart attack. (Minor.)

Take deep breaths! And I so agree....I think Boras wants to rewrite the entire posting system, much to his client's dismay. And that's if DMat has been informed in the first place! I've never seen anything like this oddness.....I hope things change, but we're running out of hours....minutes.....forget about days.

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