Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yankee Fans, Get Your "Dice-Gay" Bootleg T's Ready

Dicey McGee is here, and the press conference starts at 5.

Do people get this yet? Should I change it to "Have a Dice-K"? Will that make people steal it without giving me cred-- I mean, like it more? I mean, I could make the face yellow, like the smily face usually is, and that might make people get it, but then some would think I'm using an anti-Asian slur.

Nobody's gonna get it until they hear the pronunciation a few times --get their brains wrapped around it, ya folla?
Dice-Kay, Dice-Kay, Dice-Kay.
Channel 8, New Haven, showed Daisuke being introduced to the press. He smiled...uh...insrutably. Then he held up a shirt, turned it around and once the number was displayed he broke into a beautiful ear-to-ear (as did Theo who was slinking around behind him).
Mom, I think they've heard the pronunciation MORE than a few times at this point. Also, did you watch this puck-drop thing on NESN?
I've heard various mispronounciations so many times...I guess that's what I was trying to point out.
Missed the puck-dropping ceremony. All I know is the late Damon-referenced grin immediately won my heart.

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