Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Scoreless Thai

Really funny story about people getting autographs in the mail from a ballplayer, 15 years after their requests. Click the other baseball card-related articles that are linked at the end, too.

In Thai restaurant menu news:

You know how sometimes people who don't speak a language too well try to advertise to people who do speak that language well, and they end up with a bunch of words that don't do a very good job of describing their product? Well, I've got a really good example of that. It's hard to look at. I can only hope nobody ever tells these people exactly what they've done.

We got a menu for a Thai place that's right near us (that we never knew about, amazingly). On the front cover, they've opted to show us a quote from Zagat's. Here it is:

A "tried-and-true" neighborhood "staple"...dispenses "better-than-average" food that's "such a bargain"; the weak link is its "seedy charm" (how about some "new furniture"?)

You know, after I transcribed that, I realized that above that is another review. It's simply two stars, followed by the name of the New York Times critic who gave it that many. I thought it was a little starry logo. Either someone's playing a joke on them, or they decided they were going to be honest and put their reviews on the front of their menu no matter what they say...

did I ever tell you the story about my brother getting an autograph a decade after he sent for it, Jere?
He was home from college in the late 70's, and a manila envelope arrived addressed to him. When he opened it, there was a vintage 8x10 of Johnny Unitas! He estimated he must have sent for it in 1968!
Haha. Awesome. Your brother's and your autograph-seeking and dugout-sneaking really should be written about.

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