Thursday, December 14, 2006

Drop The Puck!

I'm at work, and the "coverage" I'm getting from message boards of the press conference is pretty weak (I don't have sound on my computer here, so I did actually watch a bit of it on, without sound): "This is dumb." "The translator sucks." That type of thing. But I did find out that Diceburg Lettuce will be dropping the ceremonial first puck at the Bruins game tonight. Thinking quickly, heh, I raced to the Bruins site to see if they're playing a NY-area team tonight, figuring the chances are pretty good since there are three of them. And, indeed, gold. The Devils are in town. So I'll go home now and pop on the Devils channel. Maybe they'll show it. If not, they certainly should give it a mention. I don't know how the Bruins are doing (I literally have never known in my life, mind you, how the Bruins are doing), but I'm guessing 6-Sided Die gets the biggest ovation of the evening.


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