Thursday, December 14, 2006

Matsuzaka-san's Bare Garden

[Note: All the vids in this post went away forever when YouTube cancelled my old account. Theirrr mistake.]

Here it is. The Devils' TV coverage of the Dice-drop. The few fans who were there got a treat. Pretty cool.

I love the laughing at Damon. And the fact that the Devils dude is a Sox fan. Oddly enough, I've still got the game on as I work on this, and two goals have been scored in the first, like three minutes. Amazing. Below is bonus footage that features someone we all know in the background of a Devils announcer dude talking about something else.

That's right, it's John Henry, not aware that a bunch of people in New York are watching him. Then you see Boras stick his head out, and then what appears to be the back of Lucchino's head. This was after the pre-game thing in the post below, and before the actual drop.

Update, 7:55 PM. Daisuke leaves:

(Of course, I kept taping since one of the new caveman commercials came on. Not as good as "next time do a little research," but still pretty good, as is the airport one.)

Ahh, Ol' Juan Damon is being written out of the script:

D-Mat could throw further than Ol' Johnny could.
Sorry I couldn't get this comment to you sooner...

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