Saturday, February 26, 2011

Game 2 Action

Ryan Maguire homered on the game's first pitch, and Northeastern leads the Sox 1-0. I guarantee a comeback win.

Tough split shift for Castiglione and Rish today.... Ha--Castig's first Drinkwater mention of the year, as "Den" is down there in Fort Myers.


After exactly 2 hours of calling, I got through and got Green Monster tickets. All Cubs and Yanks were sold out, so I got something for a series I'd been blank on. Of course, I always get the $35 standing room (and usually end up in a seat anyway), I ain't payin' no $165 a pop.

I actually got through on Skype this time. That's a pressure call right there--not only do you hope your Skype doesn't fail you and that you and the operator can hear each other, but you hope you don't lose your Internet connection. Even if it cuts out for a second, you've lost your call. But I white-knuckled it through to the confirmation number, and I'll continue my Monster streak. Great job by the operator working quickly and efficiently.

Red Sox Beat Eagles

The Red Sox were one out away from a no-hitter. Then Castiglione mentions a combined no-hitter the Red Sox once had against Toronto. Then the next guy gets a hit. But we got the last out for a 6-0 win over BC. Youk had a 3-run dong.

Test Run

Even if I don't win a ticket lottery, I always go to the VWR to get some practice and to try and learn new things that I can use later. Just now I got in at 12:08 on one browser and 12:11 on another. So had I won this lottery, I'd have Monster tickets right now... Oh well, I'll be trying the *other* method for non-winners soon.

If you are a winner in this lottery, I've got some winning windows open right now--if you wanna give me your name/password, I'll get your tix for you. of course, you'd then be giving a stranger your credit card and address. But the address has to match what you gave them initially--so I can't steal your tix or order any for myself....I can only stalk you and/or use your credit card for other large purchases and put you in debt. It's up to you.

Base Ball Today

Red Sox vs. BC, 1:05, Red Sox vs. Northeastern, 6:00.

If you're looking for non-Internet ways to hear/see spring training games, here's the TV/radio schedule, and here's the radio schedule by itself.

Four words: Cah. Stig. Lee. OWN.

Several more words: Good luck getting Monster seats today. If you don't know what I mean, you're clearly not paying attention!

Friday, February 25, 2011

1948 Red Sox Program/Scorecard

Got this on ebay for under $15. These pics go really big when you click. Notice how the cover pic of Fenway Park actually shows the whole neighborhood, looking east.

It's a two-color deal, red and blue. This woman is not referring to the "T," which came into existence about 15 years later.

Here's what I've learned about 1948 from this program: Drinking and smoking are good for you, and everyone's a man. Here we've got some whiskey and pipe stuff. That little blurb between the two ads--that's the spot where all the actual information is throughout the book. In this case, it tells you some info about Fenway, including the $2 cost of box seats. Oh, and see that "ask the boy" line? Remember that.

Here, between wine and TVs/radios, they tell you to visit the Hall of Fame. Even in 1948, advertisers thought baseball fans just don't understand regular English--if we don't hear that your product is a "hit" or a "home run" or that we can "catch" its awesomeness, we're completely clueless.

"I've got a bottle cap lodged in my skull!" And I love the unnecessary quote marks on "bold look." And look at that, a whole 14 night games in '48.

There's that "ask the boy" line again. At first I thought this was a racist thing, like, "While at your local market, find the black kid and he'll get you what you need." But then, with Kim's help, I realized "the boys" must be the Fenway Park vendors. (But did they really go around selling "pipe mixture" along with non-York peppermint patties and ginger ale? I need to ask the boy. Or a "good judge.")

Red Sox Nation loves Jason Varitek! 1948 home schedule in the middle here.

Now for the centerfold--the scorecard. The pre-printed scorecard! Lineups! I tried to figure out what game this was, realizing that changes could be made to the lineups post-printing. I believe it is Sunday, May 2nd. It's definitely the May series, since Cliff Mapes is listed as #3, and Babe's number would be retired in June of that year. (So Mapes was the last Yankee to wear 3, the first the wear 13, which he switched to after the Ruth thing, and also wore #7 during Mantle's first season.) That day, back-to-back dongs by Ted Williams and Vern Stephens in the 8th put the Yanks away for a 7-1 Red Sox victory.

Back to the ad fest, more booze and cigs, and Ladies Days.

Jacob Ruppert's beer? They might as well put an ad for No No Nanette in there!

Hood ice cream was a "hit" then, and it's a "hit" now...meaning 1984.

Between coffee and gum we've got instructions on scoring the game. This is very interesting. They called an error a fumble, so instead of marking "E," you'd mark..."A"? There are some other odd notations in there. And they have the runners going around the bases the wrong way, starting at top left.

Check out our farm teams in the middle here.

Other words frighten and confuse you, but our product name is quite easy to understand? You're stretchin' it, Ballantine.

And on the back cover, tiny men everywhere lose their shit over Calvert whiskey.

The Angel

I love how the Red Sox video site has become the "Lil Papi" channel. Watch him imitate batting stances and stuff....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We're All In...2011, Right?

I recently mocked the White Sox for using, as their 2011 motto, the phrase "all in," which crossed from the poker world to the mainstream that year when everybody was suddenly a Texas Hold'em player. Well, guess what other team is using the term? We are! A long NESN commercial hyping the 2011 season with players talking about how they want to win, etc., ends with the Red Sox and NESN logos and the words "We're All In."

Oh well, it's better than getting your something on. Or your MySomething on.

Oh, and remember when I talked about how the notorious TV "dead zone" of 6:30 was finally filled with a Seinfeld? Well now the lineups have changed again, and while 6:30 is still good, there's now a 7:00 dead zone. Which is pretty rare, as 7:00 has usually always contained a Seinfeld, a Simpsons, or a Family Guy. Now we've got nothing. But with this new (to our house) DVR technology, what we do is watch recorded Metal Mania or 120 Minutes episodes in that pre-Jeopardy! slot. Yes, VH1 Classic is showing 120 Minutes--but it's not the original one that Dave Kendall used to host on MTV. But it's essentially the same kind of music. As for Metal Mania, I feel like we're at the point where we've seen almost everything they show, but occasionally you'll get something different. But I could watch The Trooper or Breakin' the Law 100 times in a row anyway. And watching it on DVR, we can fast forward right through any later Poison vids, or the always-shitty "classic current" ones.

Wait, so did I just make fun of teams for not using current terms and phrases, and then admit I watch freakin' 30-year old Dio videos every night? Yes. Yes I did.


Lost the Green Monster tix lottery. Oh well, I've got some good games this year already. The key was seeing Cubs-Red Sox at Fenway for the first time since 1918 and I've locked that up.

I also lost another lottery to see the Red Sox in...another city. Hopefully I can get in the park. More on that later.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"The Red Sox Play On Saturday"

How great is it to be able to say that? The next actual Red Sox game is not months away, but this coming Saturday. Against the college teams, but then Sunday we start Mayor's Cup play.

Two Yankee-related things I keep forgetting to mention:

1. Teixeira and Cashman were calling the Red Sox the favorites in the AL East a few days ago. That's right, Tex, the third-place Red Sox are better than you and you know it. Now go Simonize my car, wench.

2. Do you remember when Hank Steinbrenner said that it would "behoove" Cliff Lee to become a Yankee? I like to think Cliff heard that and instantly made the decision to go somewhere else. Is there any better way to make someone go against your wishes than to tell them it would behoove them to side with you? Great call, Hank.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Justine Baseman

When I heard a woman threw batting practice at a major team's camp, I hoped it was a young prospect, someone who might become the first female to play Major League Baseball. Turns out it was a 36-year old, but hey, that's okay, too. The point is, she's out there trying to send a message to girls that they can play ball. Not just softball. Kim says she doesn't think she'll see a girl in MLB in her lifetime. I think it can be done, if we change the culture. Girls are usually pushed away from sports, and those who aren't are forced into softball. I mean, it's good they have something, but it's time to take the next step. Good job by the Indians for having her go out there. She'll also pitch BP to the A's.

2011 Month-By-Month Outlook: September & Beyond

Thought I forgot about September, didn't you?! Here we go....

Win the last game of that Yanks series, then win 2 of 3 vs Tex. Lose 3 of 4 in Toronto. Win 2 of 3 in Tampa. Split 2 with Toronto, split 4 with Tampa. Sweep the Os in the final home series. Lose 2 of 3 in NY, lose 2 of 3 meaningless games in Balty to close out the regular season. A 14-12 September for a final record of: 102-60.

Okay, might as well do the playoffs: We beat...say...the Royals in 3 in the ALDS. Then we beat the Yanks in 6 in the ALCS. I really think 5 but I want to celebrate at home. Then we beat the (picks team out of hat...) Reds in the World Series in 6.

So that's my hope-diction of the 2011 season. (Note to people who don't know me: I always think like this. Am I super-excited for the Red Sox 2011 season? Of course. Am I excited for every baseball season? Of mega-course. If I wanted to only care when my team was doing well, I'd be a Yankee fan.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's Currently Up With: The 2004 Red Sox (Part 3 of 3)

Bill Mueller: Special Assistant, Baseball Operations and Player Development, Los Angeles Dodgers.

Mike Myers: Special Assistant to the Executive Director, MLB Players Association

Joe Nelson: Not an assistant, special or otherwise. Returned to Boston after 5 years away last year, then was signed and cut by the Mariners. Last month, a Colombian paper said he got his "first save of the year" (I think). So do what you will with that info.

Trot Nixon: Watch the video on this page to see what show Trot is hosting these days. Did you ever read Trot's 9/11 story? Click here.

David Ortiz: He's, like, on the team still. Didn't you know?

Manny Ramirez: Tampa Bay Rays superstar.

Pokey Reese: Played ball through 2008. But seems to be missing now. It's not the first time he's gone missing....

Dave Roberts: Less than a year after his lymphoma diagnosis, he'll be back on the field in 2011 as the Padres' first-base coach.

Curt Schilling: The video games and whatnot.

Phil Seibel: He's the insurance agent to the pros, of course. The caption to the picture on his own page there is "Phil Seibel, honored with a Boston Red Soxs World Series ring".

Earl Snyder: I don't know, but this line was shoved into his Wikipedia page in the wrong section: "He once at 16 hot dogs and a piece of apple pie at Capital Lunch."

Mike Timlin: Played through '09, now just restillaxing with family, I think.

Jason Varitek: Still.

Tim Wakefield: Even stiller.

Scott Williamson: Closer for the Somerset Patriots? Think you can do better?

Youk: Youk.

Maybe I should do "Part 4 of 3" for the coaching staff. Nah.


Got up early and did my stretching--oh wait, that wasn't me, that was the Red Sox. I watched it on TV. It's photo day, so all the players have the regulation home whites on, which is cool. I also found out that Don Orsillo came across an alligator while fishing yesterday. Oh and I won a Red Sox program from the 1940s on ebay for really cheap. I'll have to do a photo gallery once I get it.

Kid On Album Cover Grows Up, Joins Band

I'm not sure if I believe this, but if it's true, it's amazing. This would be like Nirvana reforming with Spencer Elden on guitar and vocals. Or Stefan and Samanatha Gates playing dual drum kits in a Zeppelin reunion. Where else can we go with this? How about Blind Faith in 2010 with Clapton, Winwood, Baker, and Mariora Goschen.

Goddamn it--while looking up the name of the kid on the Van Halen 1984 cover, I came across an article from two days ago that talks about the Smashing Pumpkins thing and does a "Where Are They Now" on kids from album covers. I've totally been beaten to this whole concept. But they didn't mention Blind Faith!

(Also, the mentioning of Nirvana on Kurt's birthday IS a coincidence--I just noticed that the date just changed to 2/20 as I was about to post this. Weird.)

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