Friday, January 23, 2009

The 1990 Season Is Just Around The Corner

Back in the day, my friend Mike (Yankee fan) and I used to make our yearly baseball predictions. I just found the "3rd annual" predictions, from 1990. Let's see how we did:
Those are Mike's picks on the left and mine on the right. It doesn't say the year but it's on the back of a printout from March of '90--our 10th grade science teacher would print out the weather page of the New York Times and hand it out every day. He might as well have said, "here's a blank canvas for any baseball nerds in the class to make schedules, predictions, drawings, fantasy leagues, NCAA pools, etc...."

Here are the final 1990 standings. First of all, how bad were the Yankees in 1989 that a die-hard Yankee fan would pick them to finish behind the Brewers? Second of all, note that while I correctly picked the Red Sox to win the east, I gave the Yanks too much credit with a fifth-place slot, as they would finish last, 21 games out. My AL East was pretty close overall, save for my last-place prediction for Detroit, who would finish third. Note that I could've been closer on Baltimore, but they played one less game, missing fourth place by a half game. Mike kind of blew it on the East, getting no teams exactly right, and only having two teams within one spot. His last place call on the Sox cost him big time. Jere is your AL East winner.

In the AL West, he nailed the champion, the A's, who'd win their third straight division title. I went out on a limb with KC, who finished 27.5 out, in sixth place. The White Sox were the only team to finish fewer than 20 games behind Oakland, and Mike had them last, while I had them fourth. The only team I had within one spot of reality was the Twins. Mike was closer with his picks, but his picking the winner ends any controversy. Mike gets the nod in the AL West.

In the NL East, we both picked the Cardinals. They would come in last. A team we both had a soft spot for, the Pirates, were somehow picked by us to come in fourth and fifth, and they went and and won the division. I had all my other teams within one position, while Mike was a little further off. Jere ekes out the NL East.

In the NL West, the Reds were a surprise winner, at least to us. I had them last, and Mike had them second to last. I picked the rest of the teams almost in exact order. Mike was only a little worse, but I win, especially considering my winner, the Dodgers, came in second, while his pick, San Diego, came in tied for fourth.

So his winners came in 1st, 2nd, T4th, and 6th. Mine were 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 6th.

His one playoff team, the A's, he had winning the ALCS in 4 games, which they did. He had them going on to win the World Series in 5, but they would lose in 4.

I had my one playoff team winning the ALCS in 5. They lost in 4. I was 14 years early on my Boston over St. Louis in the World Series prediction.

Overall winner: I think my regular season picks overall make up for the fact that he picked one of the World Series teams--I'm calling it a TIE.


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