Saturday, February 26, 2011

Test Run

Even if I don't win a ticket lottery, I always go to the VWR to get some practice and to try and learn new things that I can use later. Just now I got in at 12:08 on one browser and 12:11 on another. So had I won this lottery, I'd have Monster tickets right now... Oh well, I'll be trying the *other* method for non-winners soon.

If you are a winner in this lottery, I've got some winning windows open right now--if you wanna give me your name/password, I'll get your tix for you. of course, you'd then be giving a stranger your credit card and address. But the address has to match what you gave them initially--so I can't steal your tix or order any for myself....I can only stalk you and/or use your credit card for other large purchases and put you in debt. It's up to you.

Did the same...I also like to check what other people are able to get out of the VWR stuff - this is the only site I've found where people communicate what they were able to get -

Looks like a lot of good selection to be had today!

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