Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lost the Green Monster tix lottery. Oh well, I've got some good games this year already. The key was seeing Cubs-Red Sox at Fenway for the first time since 1918 and I've locked that up.

I also lost another lottery to see the Red Sox in...another city. Hopefully I can get in the park. More on that later.

I've lost everything so far, including being in town and able to grab tickets during the regular ticket sale. I think I'll be able to swing some of those supposedly immaginary tickets that you can just buy a couple weeks before a game. It's a good thing no one realizes you can do that...
Yeah. You can get tix together right now. Not a big selection of sections but they're there. And plenty of singles.
The only good way to get Green Monster tickets is calling in the afternoon they go on sale for the lottery winners.
I'm planning on it! (Though between my mom and I we do win that lottery a lot... actually, she never told me she didn't win, I better ask her to check her deleted mail before tomorrow!)

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