Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's Currently Up With: The 2004 Red Sox (Part 3 of 3)

Bill Mueller: Special Assistant, Baseball Operations and Player Development, Los Angeles Dodgers.

Mike Myers: Special Assistant to the Executive Director, MLB Players Association

Joe Nelson: Not an assistant, special or otherwise. Returned to Boston after 5 years away last year, then was signed and cut by the Mariners. Last month, a Colombian paper said he got his "first save of the year" (I think). So do what you will with that info.

Trot Nixon: Watch the video on this page to see what show Trot is hosting these days. Did you ever read Trot's 9/11 story? Click here.

David Ortiz: He's, like, on the team still. Didn't you know?

Manny Ramirez: Tampa Bay Rays superstar.

Pokey Reese: Played ball through 2008. But seems to be missing now. It's not the first time he's gone missing....

Dave Roberts: Less than a year after his lymphoma diagnosis, he'll be back on the field in 2011 as the Padres' first-base coach.

Curt Schilling: The video games and whatnot.

Phil Seibel: He's the insurance agent to the pros, of course. The caption to the picture on his own page there is "Phil Seibel, honored with a Boston Red Soxs World Series ring".

Earl Snyder: I don't know, but this line was shoved into his Wikipedia page in the wrong section: "He once at 16 hot dogs and a piece of apple pie at Capital Lunch."

Mike Timlin: Played through '09, now just restillaxing with family, I think.

Jason Varitek: Still.

Tim Wakefield: Even stiller.

Scott Williamson: Closer for the Somerset Patriots? Think you can do better?

Youk: Youk.

Maybe I should do "Part 4 of 3" for the coaching staff. Nah.

"The video games and whatnot"

Seriously laughed out loud. :)

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