Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We're All In...2011, Right?

I recently mocked the White Sox for using, as their 2011 motto, the phrase "all in," which crossed from the poker world to the mainstream that year when everybody was suddenly a Texas Hold'em player. Well, guess what other team is using the term? We are! A long NESN commercial hyping the 2011 season with players talking about how they want to win, etc., ends with the Red Sox and NESN logos and the words "We're All In."

Oh well, it's better than getting your something on. Or your MySomething on.

Oh, and remember when I talked about how the notorious TV "dead zone" of 6:30 was finally filled with a Seinfeld? Well now the lineups have changed again, and while 6:30 is still good, there's now a 7:00 dead zone. Which is pretty rare, as 7:00 has usually always contained a Seinfeld, a Simpsons, or a Family Guy. Now we've got nothing. But with this new (to our house) DVR technology, what we do is watch recorded Metal Mania or 120 Minutes episodes in that pre-Jeopardy! slot. Yes, VH1 Classic is showing 120 Minutes--but it's not the original one that Dave Kendall used to host on MTV. But it's essentially the same kind of music. As for Metal Mania, I feel like we're at the point where we've seen almost everything they show, but occasionally you'll get something different. But I could watch The Trooper or Breakin' the Law 100 times in a row anyway. And watching it on DVR, we can fast forward right through any later Poison vids, or the always-shitty "classic current" ones.

Wait, so did I just make fun of teams for not using current terms and phrases, and then admit I watch freakin' 30-year old Dio videos every night? Yes. Yes I did.

And yes, I know, "watching TV" has quickly become a thing of the past too. I figure we'll do it for a little while longer, and once we're at the point where I can see all the Sox games on a good quality screen via the Internet, I'll finally get rid of the cable. Wait, I don't have to explain myself to you! But we always did wonder as kids why we couldn't just watch/listen to what we wanted, when we wanted, just by pressing a button, and society actually reached that point. Almost.

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