Friday, February 04, 2011

Futures Doubleheader Announced By Team, Too Late

The *official* release is out, only three months after my version. Which I pretty much nailed.

Mike Breen Continuuuuues...To Describe Fans Booing Bieber

Since I never read any sports/gossip sites I don't know if this is "what everyone's talking about" or "something I discovered," but either way, it's kinda funny.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Quick Recoverer Is Done Officially

It's funny how in the "Pettitte retires" articles, they hype him up as the "all-time post-season win leader." Which is just like saying "Gary Coleman sent more e-mails than George Washington." I think Bernie is also *technically* the all-time post-season HR leader and they're always blabbing about that. And isn't Graeme Lloyd the all-time post-season strikeout king? No one ever had more outfield assists in the third inning of playoff games than Chad Curtis, right.... And Don Zimmer is the all-time post-season farts champ. Of course, all this shows just how much the Yanks were in the playoffs. But the point remains, nobody before 1969 had the chance to play more than 7 post-season games per season except for a few of the best-of-9 World Series years. And only the players from TWO teams had that chance. Now you've got 8 teams and a possible 19 games for two of them. In fairness, Jeter would be the "post-season dugout camera shot" king even if he'd only played in one post-season game.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Last Chance

16 people are in the Super Bowl contest. Gotta get it to 25, then everybody gets 4 squares on the grid. If you haven't entered yet, go here, and leave your comment about how you found this blog, and you'll be automatically entered. You have until this Saturday at 11:11 p.m. And I'll post the grid by Sunday morning so you'll know what numbers you're rooting for. Thanks. Prizes! Could be a million dollars, could be game-used belly button lint.

Rise And Shine, Campers

You know I wouldn't miss a chance to link to an article about Weird Al.

Or to make a Groundhog Day reference.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More Picture Fun

More of my NYC pics from a few days ago. Here's an apocalyptic shot of St. Patrick's Cathedral with Atlas in the foreground.

I was really getting pics of St. Pat's because I liked how the snow was built up on it.

More snowy pointy things.

Okay, back downtown, here are the shots I took from the other side of the Winter Garden, next to Ground Zero.

The Jersey City, New Jersey skyline across the river.

I've decided this bird represents "liberty," and the lightpost along with it forms a "statue," so I've titled it "The Statue of Liberty." Behind it, The Statue of Liberty.

More TSOL action.

The ducks didn't mind the snow, and they even swam in the icy water.

No skateboarding on the snow....

I effed with this pic to make the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge visible.

And now back uptown, James Cagney Place, my favorite street in NYC--because no cars are allowed, and you can sled down it. (Or play snow football, as these rare non-texting teens are doing.)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl Contest

The way to get in to my Super Bowl contest is to go to this post and enter your comment about how you first found my blog. If you have already done this, you're already in the contest. (If you just want in the contest but have absolutely no interest in telling me how you found my site, just go there and leave a comment saying you want to be in the contest.)

As for the details, four prizes will be available to win. It will be the classic 100-square grid format. But you don't need to pick a square, I will be doing all the legwork. I will show you the grid before the game at some point so you know what numbers you're rooting for.

To those who don't care about football or whatever: Just enter, and I'll let you know if you've won anything. Painless! (But I'll still go over the rules, etc., when I post the grid thing.)

NYC: New World Trade Center Tower Gallery

I got Colbert tickets for last Thursday, so I made a Thurs-Sat NYC trip out of it. I shoveled out Thursday morning and got out of Providence by 11, and was on the RFK Bridge by 1:45. Here's what it looked like Wednesday night, followed by Thursday morning 10 *more* inches of snow later:

It was a quick ride despite the fact that I-95 in Connecticut had a really rough stretch where for some reason, slush still covered the highway except for the far left and far right:

Chan and I trudged through the massive snow banks and slush puddles of Manhattan and got to the Colbert line at 5:00. I've seen this show taped like 7 times now, and it never gets old. And the Q&A with Stephen is so great, because you get to see him as himself. Someone asked him about his obsession with bears, and he said that was the one issue that he and his character see eye to eye on. They're both terrified of bears. He said he was always scared of them, thinking one might attack him on his way to school. When he told his dad of his fear, instead of saying, "there are no bears around here," his father just said, "eh, with modern medicine, they'll sew ya right up!" Stephen also flipped some burritos he used in a bit to the crowd. I almost got one, and probably could have asked the kid in front of me for it, but then I thought, Souvenirs are great, but where am I gonna store a burrito? You don't wanna display something like that--and eating it was not an option since it had meat--well, 35% beef--in it. I thought about asking the kid to rip me off a piece of the wrapper, but opted against it.

After the taping, we went to Zen Palate. And I got my celebrity sighting out of the way on the first night of my trip yet again! This time it was Alan Cumming. I only know him because those Cabaret commercials ran non-stop for a while. I didn't have my camera that night, since I didn't wanna get it confiscated at Colbert or something. Oh well. Still counts. (Note: This is my second west side Zen Palate celeb sighting and third overall Zen Palate celeb sighting. Will tell you about those another day.)

On day two of my trip, while Chan was at work, I went down to Ground Zero. I was shocked when I heard that the new WTC One, aka the Freedom Tower, was already over 50 stories high (on its way to being the tallest building in the United States). So I went down there to get some pics.

Here it is, WTC 1, taken from its northeast corner. They've even got some glass windows on it. It's right across Vescey Street from WTC 7 which has been up for a long time and is visible at right in the top-half shot above.

Turning back to the north, it's the building that will replace Fiterman Hall! That gets an exclamation point because I was a fan of ol' Fitey--see this post I did from 2006. Also mentioned in this post. (And here's my full March 2006 Ground Zero gallery.)

Okay, back to WTC 1. This double-shot has the base of WTC 7 on the right and shows you how the building starts slanting on its way upward.

Now I've gone over the West Side Highway along the north side, and this is looking back at the base of WTC 1 from the west.

Now I'm inside the Winter Garden Atrium, due west from the WTC site. This viewing station is the spot where a foot bridge led to the WTC pre-9/11.

Looking straight out at the pit from the Winter Garden, edge of WTC 1 is at far left. You can see the gray footprint of the old north tower, which will be one of two reflecting pools when the site is complete. The two buildings going up at right are WTC 3 and 4.

Close-up of reflecting pool. And behind it, some graffiti.

Don't know what these white things are....

Turning around now, away from the WTC site, it's the inside of the Winter Garden.

Now I've gone out the other side of the Winter Garden, which you see here with the tower going up behind it. I took more pics back here which will go up in a different post.

Winter Garden stairs--the top is the viewing station which some of my above shots are from. You can see the tower through those windows in this shot, too.

WTC 1 from the south. You can't really go along the south side of the pit like you could in the past, so this is from farther away. The tower will be twice as tall as WTC 7, which appears right to the right of it in this shot. Notice the snowy basketball courts in the foreground.

The tower from the southeast.

Don't know what this sign is all about.

Also from the southeast corner of the site, this is WTC 4 being built. Way behind it, you can see WTC 7, and reflecting in it is WTC 1. Right near this spot is where the Deutsch Bank building was--its deconstruction finished up just a week ago!

For a better idea of the whole site, see this map.

Anyway, then on Saturday, it was buying Red Sox tickets and driving home/visiting dad & sister in CT, where they seem to have even more snow than we do. The end.

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