Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear Person, How'd You Find This Place?

Joy of Sox asked the question of his readers, so I figured I'd do the same. Tell me in comments how and when you first found out about this blog.

Bonus fun: every person who comments on this post will be entered into a contest. Haven't done one of those in a while! Details to follow. {Update, 2/6: Contest is over, but feel free to still enter your comment.]

(See Joy Boy's reader results here.)

How? Cyn's blog RedSoxChick now Toeing the Rubber...when? Gosh....maybe a couple of years?? 3?? I need to get back to blogging...Ive been a slacker
It's been at least 4 for you, Tex, since you were sending me pics of the Red Sox in Arlington in early 2007! Thanks.
Hey Jere - I'm thinking I started checking in sometime in 2006. The "how" part is murky... I'm thinking maybe I read a Sox story in the MSM and was turned off by the indolent repetition of cliches, so I searched the topic on Google and your blog came up.

I do remember that when I started reading, I found myself agreeing with what you said, laughing at your one-liners, and enjoying your considerable writing ability. And that's kept me coming back for handy to five years.

Stay warm.
I think it was 2006 I found you in Peter's Redsox Forever's links - back when you were in Pinstripe Territory.
I am a rare reader who met you in person. Remember?

I should do the same thing on my blog. I liked many of JoS's responses, too...
Yeah but is that how you found out about the blog?

Also, as far as people I've met because of this blog, it's probably at least 20 people now--most being other bloggers.

I think the first time you and I met was at that showing of the Game 6 movie.
I cannot remember. You entered my 2005 W-L contest; that may be the first time your name was in a post. (I wish comments were searchable.)

Looking in my email, in May 2005, I emailed Reb about her stalking some Sox players. Then in September, she emailed me to let me know she and you had done some more. (Also she asked about Canada, as we had been up here only 3 weeks or so!)

Maybe I found you when I first started JoS and was searching around for Sox blogs to link to.
I know I contacted you before my May 2004 trip to Toronto--I was asking what to expect at Sky Dome and you said how they did circus-y stuff like the PA guy going "Orlandooooooo Hudson!"

My blog was only a few months old at the time, but maybe in those e-mails was when we first exchanged links or whatever, I don't remember.
It was some time in 2005, and I'm pretty sure I followed a link from another Sox blog/site...probably Bambino's Curse, or maybe Soxaholix or Surviving Grady.
oh YEAH I forgot about sending those pics to you!! Gosh...time flies. And I really need to meet you on my next trip!
Now that I think about it, I guess it couldn't have been Bambino's Curse, since he shut down in '04 after the Sox won, and I doubt I was coming here before '05. But it was through a link from some other Sox site...hope it wasn't that clownshow Dirt Dog.
BDD never linked me as far as I know.
Can't remember, but it's been a few years! I probably lurked for a long time.
It must have been a link from Surviving Grady or Joy of Sox, sometime in the Feb-Mar-April part of 2005.
Seriously, I think I googled "Damien Pratt" a long long time ago, and your blog popped up.

I think I even left a comment.
Hi Jere. I remember exactly how I found your great blog. 3 letters...REB. I've been an everyday customer ever since. Keep 'em coming.
Im thinking I just Googled Boston RedSox and found you in the list of links. Great site man especially for a fellow Sox fan stuck in Pinstripe Territory. Im in cnetral Jersey. Keep up the good work!
Hey, Jere.

I went to your blog very early on as I'm your Mom and you wanted me to know aboutit.
I have thoroughly enjoyed it since it's conception (as I have you since yours), and even though I no longer comment as the Bloggods prevent me, I thought I'd give it another try in hope that they granted me absolution.
Looks like it worked!
Pretty sure I put the "Boston Blogs: Boston Red Sox daily entries" thing on my MyYahoo page, and there you were. I haven't commented much but I've really enjoyed reading your stuff.
Oh I remember that "Game 6" movie, Jere, and meeting you there. Even if most of the rest of the world doesn't.
Amy somehow knew about your blog first and the news eventually made its way to me. Been reading ever since. : )

Sign me up for the contest!
I don't know when I first found this site. I've had mine since '99 and have always scoured other pages' links to other pages. Couldn't remember with JoS either, whether I found his from yours, or yours from his, or both from somewhere else.

But I remember reading this post:
...and totally agreeing about the Pokey catch, and that's when I started visiting on a regular basis, even though it was probably a while before I posted anything here.
Boy, I've been trying to remember how I found you since you posed the question. Luckily, with the contest entry riding on it I have finally remembered.

I found your site a certain amount of time ago after following a link from another site somewhere.
Quite simply: JoS > here. when? I'm too old to remember details like that. I've got a whole year onya.
I want in on this. You told me about the blog when you started it.
I cannot remember how I found this blog. I think I entered "Red Sox Fan New York" in google. I can't be sure, though.
I found it via deadspin a long time ago. I think you posted something about Yankee fans, obviously you didn't write anything that was flattering. Your anger was funny, I didn't think you were really that serious about your hatred for Yankee fans. I honestly think you hate Yankee fans more than I hate Red Sox fans, there is no reasoning with you and you want to keep it that way. So it has been that hatred that has kept me coming back.
I can't for the life of me remember how I found your blog...I know it was spring of '06 and if you put a gun to my head, I'd say I maybe found it through Soxaholix, or maybe Mighty Quinn, but that's really just a guess.

As you so eloquently put it in your inimitable voice, "[you] brought me into this blogging world..." and really inspired my own intermittent, short-lived blog.

You are also one of two Sox bloggers I've met in person, the other being NYC Kim. And you're still the only one who has been in my restaurant!!! I came for the Red Sox stuff, but I really come back now more for the videos, photos and music stuff. I think if we lived closer, we'd go to a lot of shows and games until you got sick of me drinking beer and eating meat. But we'd have a blast till then!

(By the way, my word verification for this comment is "Warcor". That is what we'd name our band if we started one. It's settled.)
Ha, awesome. I'm glad to hear praise for the videos/music/photos!

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