Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Quick Recoverer Is Done Officially

It's funny how in the "Pettitte retires" articles, they hype him up as the "all-time post-season win leader." Which is just like saying "Gary Coleman sent more e-mails than George Washington." I think Bernie is also *technically* the all-time post-season HR leader and they're always blabbing about that. And isn't Graeme Lloyd the all-time post-season strikeout king? No one ever had more outfield assists in the third inning of playoff games than Chad Curtis, right.... And Don Zimmer is the all-time post-season farts champ. Of course, all this shows just how much the Yanks were in the playoffs. But the point remains, nobody before 1969 had the chance to play more than 7 post-season games per season except for a few of the best-of-9 World Series years. And only the players from TWO teams had that chance. Now you've got 8 teams and a possible 19 games for two of them. In fairness, Jeter would be the "post-season dugout camera shot" king even if he'd only played in one post-season game.


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