Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl Contest

The way to get in to my Super Bowl contest is to go to this post and enter your comment about how you first found my blog. If you have already done this, you're already in the contest. (If you just want in the contest but have absolutely no interest in telling me how you found my site, just go there and leave a comment saying you want to be in the contest.)

As for the details, four prizes will be available to win. It will be the classic 100-square grid format. But you don't need to pick a square, I will be doing all the legwork. I will show you the grid before the game at some point so you know what numbers you're rooting for.

To those who don't care about football or whatever: Just enter, and I'll let you know if you've won anything. Painless! (But I'll still go over the rules, etc., when I post the grid thing.)


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