Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Stars At Night Are Small And Decidedly Dim

We were at a concert tonight. At one point, I heard the woman next to me say "five to nothing" and something like, "if they can't win with CC..." So I got to enjoy the show.

Close to the end, I heard her give an "ohhhh" and I knew what was going on. I heard her say "5-4," then "5-5." Then on the way out, we walked by a TV and saw 6-5 Yanks in the 8th. Got in the car and found out Texas just had a runner picked off! Listened to the bottom of the ninth--Rangers leave the tying run at second. Against Mariano, who according to the brainless Joe Morgan "never gives it up in the postseason." For a guy like that, he sure does lose a lot of very important and well-known postseason games....

Anyway, I don't know how the Rangers blew a 5-0 lead, but much like Mr. Bookman's opinion on the personal lives of librarians of the past, I don't want to know. And I don't know why they'd play so shittily at such an important time, but much like Dirk Calloway's opinion of the Mr. Bloom/Miss Cross affair, I just want it to stop, right now.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Naturally, I'm Pissed About It

I got an e-mail invitation to a party recently.* 10% of the invite was text, 40% was white space, and 50% was a giant advertisement for 3 Musketeers.

People! If we can't invite our friends to a party without shilling for a big corporation, well, we're already fucked. Consider finding an alternate way--it's really not that hard.

And yes I realize any e-mail you send is already an endorsement for whatever e-mail service you use, and often comes with banner ads anyway, but why add to the madness if it's not absolutely necessary?

*It was a work e-mail, so I'm not actually blasting any of my real friends here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Can't Shoot Them Any More

A while back, a guy named Marty Dobrow contacted me about using some of my pictures of Charlie Zink (from his major league debut) for a book he was doing. I hadn't heard anything about the book in a while, until today. Through Toeing The Rubber, I found out the book is out.

I went to the Amazon page, and clicked "Look Inside." You can't see the pictures, but I did notice the acknowledgment section was visible--and I'm on it! So I assume that means he used at least one picture of mine. (I know he used pics from fellow Internet presence Kelly O'Connor, because one of hers appears in that article.) I can't wait to see how the book turned out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Atlanta Fearfuls

Credit goes to Kim for noticing that justice was done, as a team that uses Native American stereotypes was knocked out of the playoffs...on Columbus Day!

(Coincidentally, Philadelphia lawmakers have named October "Gigantism Awareness Month.")

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Non-Boring Baseball

Wow, Hinske hits go-ahead dong in bottom 8, but Braves blow it in 9th, after being one strike away.

And the Rangers went home needing one win to go to the ALCS, and lose twice to Tampa, who now just needs to win at home to meet the Yanks. Whoever plays them, it's bed without dinner if I don't see 4 wins.

New episode of my Internet/TV/whatever show is up: Randomonium Episode 4.

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