Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Can't Shoot Them Any More

A while back, a guy named Marty Dobrow contacted me about using some of my pictures of Charlie Zink (from his major league debut) for a book he was doing. I hadn't heard anything about the book in a while, until today. Through Toeing The Rubber, I found out the book is out.

I went to the Amazon page, and clicked "Look Inside." You can't see the pictures, but I did notice the acknowledgment section was visible--and I'm on it! So I assume that means he used at least one picture of mine. (I know he used pics from fellow Internet presence Kelly O'Connor, because one of hers appears in that article.) I can't wait to see how the book turned out.

I have a copy in hand, and you have Zink photos in there! It was funny to think back on seeing you before the game because the shots are kind of split--mine of him in BP and his photo on the video board, yours of Fenway, mine of him in the bullpen, yours of him on the mound from above--and two of your scoreboard shots, up 10-0 and down 14-15. (I have a few earlier, from Pawtucket, and one of Delcarmen from his Fenway debut.) IIRC you told him I would have Zink photos--thanks!

I've only just started reading it, but it looks great!
Cool! Thanks, can't wait to see it.

(And I'm guessing he would have found your great pics anyway, don't need to thank me for that...)

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