Sunday, October 10, 2010

Non-Boring Baseball

Wow, Hinske hits go-ahead dong in bottom 8, but Braves blow it in 9th, after being one strike away.

And the Rangers went home needing one win to go to the ALCS, and lose twice to Tampa, who now just needs to win at home to meet the Yanks. Whoever plays them, it's bed without dinner if I don't see 4 wins.

New episode of my Internet/TV/whatever show is up: Randomonium Episode 4.

Unfortunately, Tampa winning yesterday probably guaranteed the Yanks a slot in the World Series. Tomorrow night will be Lee vs. Price, which means whoever wins the Series won't have their best pitcher available for the ALCS until Game 3. Gotta root for the Devil Dogs, I guess, because they have a better overall rotation, but either way the Yanks just became heavy favorites. Root for the Phillies to sweep the NLCS so that Halliday can start three games in the WS.
Gotta hope whoever wins game 5 goes in with a lotta momentum...but I could see either team winning that game and settling warmly into bed for the winter.

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