Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Stars At Night Are Small And Decidedly Dim

We were at a concert tonight. At one point, I heard the woman next to me say "five to nothing" and something like, "if they can't win with CC..." So I got to enjoy the show.

Close to the end, I heard her give an "ohhhh" and I knew what was going on. I heard her say "5-4," then "5-5." Then on the way out, we walked by a TV and saw 6-5 Yanks in the 8th. Got in the car and found out Texas just had a runner picked off! Listened to the bottom of the ninth--Rangers leave the tying run at second. Against Mariano, who according to the brainless Joe Morgan "never gives it up in the postseason." For a guy like that, he sure does lose a lot of very important and well-known postseason games....

Anyway, I don't know how the Rangers blew a 5-0 lead, but much like Mr. Bookman's opinion on the personal lives of librarians of the past, I don't want to know. And I don't know why they'd play so shittily at such an important time, but much like Dirk Calloway's opinion of the Mr. Bloom/Miss Cross affair, I just want it to stop, right now.

The only silver lining was hearing (as I predicted 30 seconds earlier) a "yankees suck" chant go up in the bar I was in. That takes me back. I would have had more confidence in the Rays, rooting for Texan relief pitchers is a painful experience. With friends like these, who needs friends?
Nice touch.

Side note: "Bloom" should be "Blume."
Let's just say that it wasn't Ron Washington's finest moment...or Ian Kinsler's...or the Texas bullpen's...or Micheal Young (unless he's trying for the Ole Bullshit Play of the Year Award)...

As I watched the 5-1 8th inning lead evaporate before Texas recorded an out, I thought to myself, "I really hope Jere is watching this, because his posts after a 'typical MFY rally' are the best, filled with comedic rage of high quality." Then when Kinsler got picked off in the bottom half, despite letting Wood throw 3 pitches without ever glancing at first base, I thought to myself, "Oh boy, set the blog DVR for this one...Jere's gonna come up with a real keeper!"

All of this is to say that, obviously, I'm really disappointed in this post. ;-)
Oh I had no doubt a TYR had to be involved...just wanted to preserve my sanity for now by not even's a long series after all.

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