Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Fort & Boycotts & Stuff

Francesa was live from Tampa today, and had great things to say about the Red Sox' facilities in Ft. Myers, where he stopped the day before. He said the Yanks' place is great, but Fenway South topped it. I had to laugh because he said his Yankee-fan kids loved the souvenirs and clothes so much, they actually bought them. So they'll be wearing their new Red Sox clothes--but won't be allowed to leave the house with them on.

Oddly enough I'll be in Florida and will see a Sox spring training game, but not in Ft. Myers. I think my mom is gonna check the place out, though.

Speaking of the "little Fenway," which I never was a fan of as a concept as you know, one of the reasons they say they did it is so the players can get practice on a field similar to the one they'll play their regular season home games on. But if this is the case, why not play all the games at night, in the home whites, and with fake snow/rain/cold pumped in to simulate April weather in Boston? Why is the home dugout on the third base side? Why is there a big hole in the Green Monster? Why is it even green--does the paint color affect the caroms? And I was really gonna wow you with "why isn't the field situated the same way as Fenway on the map?" but they actually did do that one. Damn! Anyway, as I've said a million times, there's only one Fenway, and it was unique because it didn't try to copy anything, let alone be a replica of anything. It's a cool idea for your back yard, but why make Fenway for a team and fans who already have one?

Bonus note: Did you know there's a street called "Fenway South"...in Yonk-iz?! (C'mon, who remembers the "supplementary number"?)

Bonus note #2: Some of you may be wondering how I listen to the FAN if I'm in Providence these days. I don't use the Internet, though I obviously could--it comes in perfectly fine in my car! As does WCBS 880. My friend joked that I'm "grandfathered in"--no matter where I live, I'll always be able to pick up the NY radio stations I grew up with in my car.

Speaking of the FAN, yes, I'm still boycotting the Boston sports stations, since last July when I did the anti-media weekend. Also never check the Boston papers and similar bullshit sites online. So much better for my health.

Other current boycott statuses:

Tidy Cats cat litter. Status: Still going strong. Remember I told you about their anti-Red Sox ad? I've switched to Fresh Step and/or WholeCare and life is beautiful. Life in terms of cat shit, that is.

Bubble Wrap. Status: Don't go out of my way for it. Remember how they were all pro-Jeter? Well, I don't buy packing materials too often, but if I get some soon, and if I think of it, and there's another option, I'll go with whatever that is.

Meat. Status: Still going strong. I became a vegetarian January 1, 2000 and haven't looked back. Still thinking of going vegan but haven't taken that step yet. But I've felt healthier and better about critters, cute and non-cute alike, not having to die for my taste buds.

And to wrap this whole thing up, I was gonna make a joke yesterday about how the Yanks have the Grandy injury plus Youk's impending one. But he beat me to it! Scratched from the lineup today with some form of Youkitis.


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