Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Then I Wrote A Post About Cat Litter

I was just on the NY Daily News web site, and was about to click on an article about Dick Clark dying, when I noticed an ad on the side of the page. It said "That cute girl has a Boston hat on? Sometimes life stinks." It was an ad for TidyCat, who's apparently trying that whole "funny and hip ad campaign to make light of the potentially disgusting product we sell" idea, complete with the directive to go and "share your fucking cat-litter-related experiences with your friends!"

We have two cats. For their anti-Red Sox ad, they've just lost a customer. I never thought I'd say a sentence remotely like this, but, "fuck you, TidyCat!"

And by the way, maybe they advertise in the Boston area with the opposite ad. But I hate that even more--pandering to both sides, behind the other one's back. I'd rather vote for a Yankee fan politician who is true to their team than for one who wears a Red Sox hat in Boston and a Yankee hat in New York.

(And in a separate issue--in that same ad they do another thing I hate: assuming the reader is a straight male!)

Sox vs. Texas tonight, then the dried litter turds come to town after an off-day Thursday.

I haven't seen the ad, but it's within the realm of possibility that they are also targeting gay female Yankee fans not just straight males.... probably not, but it's possible
Was gonna add "or gay females," but I figured the chances of any advertiser giving a crap about anyone other than straight white American males 18-35 is too remote to even mention.... But yes, I acknowledge that being attracted to females not exclusive to straight dudes, of course.
I'm guessing you're not gonna like this one too much:
But that's for WFAN--so you know they're not doing the opposite ad in Boston. What I don't like about that one is how it goes with a show hosted by two Mets fans. (Although stupid Carton does his joking "I'm a Yankee fan for the playoffs since my team isn't in it" routine which is so dumb.)
My problem with it (and I would have the same issue if it was an anti-pregnant-Yankee-fan ad running on EEI) is that while they think they're being cute and probably would claim the ad is meant tongue in cheek, they're really just encouraging people to be assholes. I mean really, WFAN, do you really want to say that a sports rivalry makes it okay to be a complete dick to a pregnant woman?
That too.
Do you guys really think that the Yankee fan who reads that, then follows that stupid advice, would have given up their seat to a pregnant woman in the first place? If said woman was wearing a Sox hat. I mean, if you are dumb and insensitive from the start, then you don't really need a sign to continue that practice.

If I'm riding the subway and I see this ad then I might have a chuckle, but to give it any validity by practicing what's said there is a different story. It is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, why complicate matters and act like we can't have some fun at the rivalry's expense? It's OK to laugh at this stuff, one thousand cats will not die as a result.
I am more annoyed about the two-facedness of the litter ad than the message itself (assuming that they just run the same ad in various cities with the teams changed). I can handle the existence of people who don't like the Red Sox, but random cat litter people trying to profit on an unrelated matter by getting involved on both sides at once? Bleh
Can't tell if you missed paragraph 3 of my original post or are just vowing your undying support for it ;)

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