Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22nd In Red Sox Vs. Mariners History

We're 3-2 against Seattle on this date all-time. We've never beaten them at Fenway on 7/22. Tonight's the night to change that. (And with 3 runs, we'll score our 80,000th run in franchise history!) (And a win would be our 4,900th home win.) You might see an even-year, late-July west coast trip pattern developing:

1983 @Sea: 5-4 W There have been six men named Stanton who played major league baseball. Buck, Leroy, Tom, and three Mikes. The first Mike, who lasted until 1985, pitched in the ninth inning of this game. He faced one batter, the tying run, and walked him. Then Ed Vande Berg came in and gave up three straight singles to Hoffman, Barrett, and Boggs, and the Red Sox had scored 3 in the ninth for a 5-4 win at the Kingdome. (Funny, there's basically been a Mike Stanton in pro baseball for my whole 35+ years on earth, and one of the hits described above was by Glenn Hoffman, who is part of a similar tale I recently told.)

1994 Sea: 6-3 L A year away from getting good again after the early '90s funk, we couldn't muster up much against Randy Johnson, who struck out 11 batters in 6.2 innings. A 2-run Bruno double knocked the Big Prick out of the game and cut the Seattle lead to 5-3, but the Sox wouldn't score again. Check out this sweet post I wrote on this date in 2006, which talks about the '94 game (which apparently I have some audio of on a video tape!) (which is a video tape I've been thinking about uploading to the web for completely different reasons lately--it's sitting on a shelf, I see it right now!) and shows a picture of me from that same date.

2006 @Sea: 5-2 L The post I linked above is from the day of this game. I was living in NYC and complained about being stuck with radio, and blamed the loss on that. It was Kason Gabbard's major league debut, but King Felix beat us.

2008 @Sea: 4-2 W Our 200th win against the Seattle Mariners franchise. I announced this game on YouCastr, back when it was that type of site. A knuckleballer pitched in this game. But not for our team. Dice gets the W and Lowell goes deep.

2010 @Sea: 8-6 W I called it the "weirdest win of the decade." Read the details here.

BRef has the Sox at 79,989 runs, presumably as of this morning.

Where I've been looking is also on B-R, in the head-to-head section. I've been following it daily and going into tonight it said 79997. I was at Fenway tonight and THOUGHT I just saw the big 80! Who knows now!
Here's the page I look at. It's at 79997, shortly updating to...80004.
Our pages match as far as games played, wins and losses. But not in RS or RA.

My link: 79,989-77,044
Yr link: 79,997-77,045

No idea what's going on here.

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