Friday, July 23, 2010

Weirdest Win Of The Decade

This morning (Thursday)I came in to work to find a sticker with a big #13 on it, left for me by my co-worker. Later, we had a long discussion on the meaning of life, including whether or not we believe in "signs." Then we noted when the time was 3:13, as 3/13 is her birthday. Just a little game we play as the afternoon drags on. Then tonight, the Red Sox overcome 3 errors to win a 13-inning game, with the 13th run of the game being the game-winner, knocked in by Eric Patterson, wearing #3. Sign????

But my sweet lord who may or may not exist, what a nutty game. In case you were sleeping and for some reason depend on ME to tell you what went down, here it is in a "really big nutshell":

The M's score early, but without the benefit of a hit. So I didn't realize Lackey had a no-hitter until after the fifth. Then we added some runs, and the theme of the night was "Will this easy win be a no-hitter or not?"

We go to the 8th, and it's 6-1 Sox. Still a no-hitter. He gets the first guy. Gets the second guy. Light-hitting old friend Josh Bard then bloops one in, and the no-hitter is gone. But we get out of the 8th, still up 6-1.

Delcarmen comes in for the 9th, up by 5. He gets nobody out. Quickly it becomes a close game, with the M's helped by Scutaro botching a double play ball. Pap comes in, and with the bases loaded, we botch ANOTHER double play ball--Hall throws it past Youk, and two runs score, incredibly tying the game 6-6.

But we get out of it, the team moping off the field.

The M's load the bases with one out in the 12th, but Okajima gets two pop-outs on two pitches to end the inning!

13th: With two outs and two strikes, at 2:fucking:00 in the morning mind you, Patterson hits a gapper, and two runs score. 8-6 us, and RamRam shuts 'em down to end it.

And as I turn off my TV at 2:25, the beeps of the Emergency Alert System are going off....

"If this had been an actual emergency..."

Whatta ya mean "if"??!!
Also, Google Image Search is radically different!

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