Saturday, July 22, 2006

Narky Jones

Weird weather. Yesterday I got soaked on my way to work, went home and changed, and then got those new clothes soaked on the way home. Today, it's been going back and forth between sunny and rainy, but always with crazy humidity.

Yanks won with the help of a walked-in run and a balked-in run. Their bullpen did great, though. That was the key.

And the Red Sox, well, I blame the fact that I wasn't allowed to watch the game. I tried to will some hits out of Castiglione, but it just wasn't working. The kid didn't do all that bad on the mound. We're still 2.5000 games up, and we'll win tomorrow.

I've been uploading video stuff like crazy with the limited tapes I have here. This is gonna be fun. In the meantime, here's a screen shot of me with long hair, no glasses, and a beard-thing, from July 24th, 1994. (Date on screen of 7/14/91 is wrong.) My friend Jim was filming the 19-year old me inside Duchess Diner, which I always called "The Soup Kitchen." A 20-year old Chan is just off screen. Chan later tries to interview the toddler in the background. Why am I posting this? Because I want to. And to show how different I looked to people who never knew me pre-glasses and post-long hair. [Update: The date was 7/22/94. Confirmed because Trup was on the radio in the car on our way to Duchess, and I mathced up the game to that date on The starters that day: Randy Johnson for the M's, Aaron Sele for the Red Sox. It's so weird to think of that day. I wonder if I would've guessed the starters in that game would still be pitching 12 years later. Or that I'd be posting a picture from that day on this internet thing and strangers would see it. Also weird that I was deciphering what Trup was saying underneath my friends and I talking, right at the point in The Fugitive, which I'm watching on TNT right now, where they try to hear the voice in the background of an audio tape. And that that movie came out in 1994, the year in question. And that this video just happens to be the exact date that it is today, and that the Sox were playing the M's that day, like they did today. Note: in that game on 7/22/94, A-Rod made two errors!]


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